Download materials covered at our Fall 2019 Strategic Communications Seminar.

Main Session

WSU Marketing Plan

Shelly Coleman-Martins, associate vice president of Strategic Communications and chief marketing officer

» WSU Marketing Plan (pptx)

Academic Program Marketing

Discover the tools available to promote your academic program and engage with your audience.

Shelly Coleman-Martins, associate vice president of Strategic Communications and chief marketing officer
Amy Easum, director of creative services, Strategic Communications
Amy Schafer, director of advertising, Strategic Communications
Quinn Hall, web project manager, Strategic Communications

» Academic Program Marketing presentation (pptx)


The Strategic Communications website: your toolbox to creatively build on the WSU brand, and the updated photobank.

Alyssa Calbert, creative designer, Strategic Communications
Jaci Ignudo, creative specialist, Strategic Communications

» Creative presentation (pptx)

Event Planning

Get involved, explore opportunities and help celebrate WSU turning 125. 

Carmen Hytche, director of special events, Strategic Communications
Kristin Beal, WSU placemaking coordinator

» Event Planning presentation (pptx)

News and Public Relations

Provide input on potential format changes to WSU Today and Shocker Blast, and weigh in on the editorial content calendar for 2019-20.

Joe Kleinsasser, director of news and media, Strategic Communications
Lainie Mazzullo, assistant director of news and media, Strategic Communications
Paul Suellentrop, senior communicator, Strategic Communications

» News and Public Relations presentation (pptx)

If you have ideas for the content calendar, please contact

Video and Social Media

Learn how to improve your social media engagement and email effectiveness using #wsunow.

Matheson Herron, director of relationship marketing, Strategic Communications
Tyler Pennick, video producer, Strategic Communications

» Video Social Media presentation (pptx)


Learn strategies for incorporating the 125 celebration into your website, plus learn about new design and display features that are available.

Tim Hart, director of web and new media, Strategic Communications
Kristi Regan, web and new media designer, Strategic Communications
Caleb Wilson, digital content marketing manager, Media Resources Center

New Web Features

  • 125th Anniversary Snippets
  • Columns snippet
    • Allows you to build various column features into your pages
    • Can be used by itself or within a Generic snippet to allow backgrounds and overlaps
    • You can run uneven horizontal column widths that still work well on mobile
    • Great to use for icon sets or rows of links
  • Intro panel backgrounds
    • You can now change the default yellow wheat pattern on Landing Page intro panels to any of the eight background patterns in our system
    • Gives you even greater flexibility in page design
  • OU Calendar Private Feed and Component
  • WSU Profiles

Web Resources

For embedded files not included in the slide sets, please contact Strategic Communications.