Please refer to this guide for instructions on your 7400, 8400 or 6400 series digital telephone. 
For questions regarding the use of an 8110 telephone see the accompanying users guide. For questions regarding Voice Mail call telecommunications at ext. 3535 or email For all changes to your service and updates, please submit a ticket at

Using Softkey
Exit/Normal(Display Feature)
Send All Calls
View Button(Display Feature)
Button View(Display Faeture)
Inspect(Display Feature)
Reset Speaker Phone
Automatic Call Back
Call Pickup
Forward All Calls
Call Park

Using Softkeys
If your telephone has a display, it may have a series of eight or more buttons directly below the display. These buttons are softkey buttons and give you access to certain features assigned to those buttons. You can activate available softkey features by pressing Menu and then the softkey below the feature abbreviation. If the feature you want to use is not on the bottom line of the display, press Next or Prev until you see the feature you wish to access. When the feature is active, an arrow appears above the feature.
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To add another party to a call (for a total of up to 6 parties).
  1. While on th eline with the first party (do not press hold) press Conference
  2. Dial number of new party and wait for answer.
  3. Again, press Conference
  4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 for additional conference connections.
To add a call you have put on hold to another call to which you are connected.
  1. Press Conference
  2. Press call appreance of call on hold (first call).
  3. Again, press Conference
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Allows user to disconnect the last party added to a conference call.
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Exit/Normal (Display feature)
When you are ready to leave a Display or Softkey Mode and return to Normal Display Mode press Normal or Exit
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Send All Calls
To send all calls to coverage (usually voice mail).
Note: Can be done while done on the phone.
  1. While on-hook, press softkey below SAC, an arrow will light above the symbol (for softkey users) or press Send All Calls. Green light will come on next to button. Or Dial Send All Calls access code *3.
To cancel Send All Calls 
  1. While on-hook, press softkey below SAC, an arrow will go out (for softkey users) or press Send All Calls. Green light will go out. Or dial Send All Calls access code #3.
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View Button (display feature)
To view the feature stored on a call appreance/feature button Or the last number you dialed Or a number stored on an autodial button (where applicable)
  1. Press the softkey below View or press View.
  2. Press the selected feature or autodial or redial button or last number dialed. Feature assignment on a button or telephone number is shown on the display.
  3. See Exit/Normal section for instructions on how to exit this special display mode.
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Autodial (AD)
To program/reprogram an AD button.
  1. Pick up handset. Note: For speakerphone users, press a call appreance button or press Speaker.
  2. Press the softkey below Prog or press Program. or dial AD program access code *0.
  3. Press AD button to be programmed.
  4. Dial outside number, extension, or feature access code you want to  store (up to 24 digits).
  5. Press the AD button to be programmed again or press #.
  6. Repeat steps 3 through 5 to program additional buttons.
  7. Hang up.
To place an AD call press selected AD button.
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Button View (display feature)
To view a number stored on an Autodial button.
  1. Press Btn Vu
  2. Press the Autodial button and telephone number is shown on the display.
  3. See Exit/Normal section for instructions on how to exit this special display mode.
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To put a call on hold press Hold
To answer a new call while active on another.
  1. Press Hold 
  2. Press call appreance of incoming call.
To return to held call press call appreance of held call.
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Inspect (display feature)
When a call comes into a display phone, information about the call is shown on the phones display. If a second call comes in while on line with the first the information about the second call is displayed for 30 seconds. If you missed this information or if you want to see information on a line placed on hold then press Inspect.
See Exit/Normal section for instructions on how to exit this display mode.
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Reset Speakerphone
Note: You can use this feature only if the Reset Spkr label or symbol appears under the Speaker button.
If your Speaker button light is flashing or to adjust the speakerphone to the surrounding room acoustics.
  1. While on-hook, press Shift/Select and then press the Speaker button. You will hear a series of tones.
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To test the lights and display (if applicable) on your telephone.
  1. Press and hold down Test (you may have to press Shift/Select first). Green Test light goes on. Button lights go on in two separate groups, and, if your terminal has a display, all display segments fill in.
  2. To end test, release Test
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Time/Date (Display feature)
To see time and date.
  1. Press softkey below TmDay. Or press Time/Date. Display will return to normal on 5 seconds.
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Automatic Call back
To automatically place another call to an extension that was busy or did not answer.
    1. During a call attempt, press softkey below AutCB or Dial Auto Call Back access code *5.
    2. Hang up.
Note: You hear a 3-burst priority ring when both you and the called extension are idle, you may then pickup handset to place second call.
To Cancel Automatic Call back press the Autocall back button again or dial cancel code #5.
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Call Pickup
To answer a call placed to a member of your pickup group, usually a phone within earshot.
  1. Press softkey below CPkUp or press Call Pickup or dial Call Pickup access code #4.
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Forward All Calls
To temporarily redirect all calls to an extension or outside number.
  1. Press softkey below Cfrewd (for softkey users) or press Call Forward or dial Call forward access code *2.
  2. Dial extension or number where calls will be sent.
  3. Hang up.
To cancel Call Forwarding.
  1. While on-hook, press softkey below Cfrwd (for softkey users) or press Cancel Call forward or dial Call Forward cancel code #2.
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Call Park
To park a call at your extension (for retrieval at any extension)
You may press softkey below CPark (for softkey users), or press Call Park . Then hang up.
Or do this:
  1. Press transfer.
  2. Dial the Call Park access code *6.
  3. Dial the extension where call is to be parked.
  4. Press Transfer again and then hang up.
To retrieve a parked call from any extension
  1. Dial the Answer Back access code #6.
  2. Dial the extension where the call is to be parked.
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To send present call to another extension on campus or within your office.
  1. Press Transfer.
  2. Dial the number whre call is to be transferred.
  3. If you would like to announce the transfer you can wait for second party to answer, make the announcement then press Transfer again and the two parties will be connected. If you would prefer not to announce the transfer, then press Transfer and the two parties will be connected.
  4. Hang up.
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