All changes, disconnects or adds must have a service request. Below are some questions to help you determine what steps you need to take and if a service request is the route you should take. Please contact us if you have any questions.


Service Request
How do I enter a TDX ticket?

Please click here to submit a request. The most commonly used form is the Telecommunications Assistance form. The order form should be completely filled out to ensure we can complete your request as quickly as possible. The form is cascading so when you pick a topic, the appropriate boxes appear so we can get all the information needed for your request. If you are needing your desk phone forwarded to your cellular phone, please choose Telecommunications Forward My Phone.

How do I check on the update or progress of my work order (changes, progress on a work order or would like to add relevant information regarding the work order)?

The best way to follow up on a work order is to reply to the email you received when you created a ticket. This ensures your question goes to several different people so someone will see it and be able to answer. You can also call x3535 or email, but please include your ticket number when you do so.

How long does a work order take?

Work order lengths vary. We make every effort to accommodate special requests or particular due dates, but we base our expected due date on our current workload. Currently, that is 2 weeks (10 business days). This means our technicians are scheduled out 2 weeks in advance and to accommodate your work order in less than 2 weeks means we have to push someone else out to make room.

Some other due dates are:

  • Long distance PIN codes – 24 hours
  • Conference phone/code – By requested due date
  • New employee setup – Within 5 business days of ticket being submitted for services
I have another issue; can I add this on an existing ticket or should I enter another ticket?

If you have a new issue or an addition, please submit a new ticket and be sure to state you have a ticket open. If at all possible, we will try to have the technician complete both requests, but if it is not possible, we will assign the new ticket to a new technician. Please click here to submit a request.

Is this a trouble ticket (What is the difference between a trouble ticket and a service request)?
  • Trouble ticket: My device/item was working, but now it isn’t. This can be something like static on the line or a complete outage of service.
  • Service Request: A new request for service or a change to existing service. Add/move/disconnect a line, Ethernet, cell phone, long distance PIN, etc. Click here to see a list of our services.
How long will it take to fix my telephone or network problem?
In most situations, our goal is to respond to any reported problem during business hours within two hours.
How to do I forward calls to another on-campus phone?
  • To transfer all calls from one extension to another extension, simply pick up the handset and dial *2, then the extension you would like the phones forwarded to, and hang up.
  • To remove the calls, pick up the handset and dial #2, then hang up.
  • Click here for the user guide to get more information
How do I transfer calls to my cell phone?
  • Click here for instructions on how to use this service.
  • Click here to enter a ticket.
I am not going to be at my desk and would like to send all my calls to my voicemail?
  • To send all calls to voicemail, just pick up the handset and dial *3. 
  • To remove send all calls, pick up the handset and dial #3.
  • Please note that some phones have a button labeled “Send all calls.” If you have this, you can simply press that button to activate and press again to deactivate.
  • Click here for the user guide to get more information.
Voicemail and Caller ID
Can I reset my voicemail PIN?

Users can reset their own voicemail PIN.

  •      Go to
  •       Enter your mailbox number.
  •       Click forget password.
  •       This will send an email to whoever is on file for that mailbox to reset the password.

Users can also reset voicemail PIN by submitting a ticket.

How do I get my voicemails to go to my email?

Click here to access our voicemail user guide.

My extension reads someone else’s name when I call out. Is it possible to reset the caller ID?

Yes! Click here to submit a ticket for a caller ID reset. Please specify if you’d like the voicemail password reset, as well. Please note that we do not maintain the Campus Directory. For that, you will need to contact Human Resources at x3065 or fill out an address ePAF for the person who needs the change

I am not going to be at my desk and would like to send all my calls to my voicemail?
  • To send all calls to voicemail, just pick up the handset and dial *3. Click here for voicemail instructions on how to get these to go to your email so you can check them no matter where you are.
  • To remove send all calls, pick up the handset and dial #3.
  • Please note that some phones have a button labeled “Send all calls.” If you have this, you can simply press that button to activate and press again to deactivate.
  • Click here for the user guide to get more information
Why can’t I access my voicemail?
  • Are you a new employee?
    • New employees should click here to enter a service request. You will simply ask for a voicemail reset and we will reset your box. We will then send you a Voicemail User Guide to ensure you can navigate your new voicemail inbox.
  • Are you an existing employee?
    • Please click here for our user guide on how to navigate your voicemail and do things like getting your voicemail forwarded to your email and retrieve your voicemail while off campus. If you’re still having issues with accessing your voicemail, please submit a ticket here and we will reset your password.
    • If you have followed these steps are still having any issues accessing your voicemail, please click here to enter a trouble ticket and we will get a technician to assist you.
Why does my phone not have caller ID?
Only certain models of campus office phones are caller ID capable. If your current phone does not have this capability your department can purchase a phone upgrade. Residence Halls are not equiped to handle caller ID telephones at this time. If you think your caller ID is not working correctly or would like to purchase a phone upgrade please contact us.
My calls go directly to the voice mail without ringing. How do I restore my settings?
  • "* 3" activates the "Send all calls" option. In order to cancel calls going directly to voicemail, dial "# 3".
  • Click here for the user guide to get more information
Long Distance
I need to make a long distance call, but my call won’t go through. What do I do?
  • When you call long distance from a University phone, you have the following choices:
    • Long Distance PIN Codes
      • We will assign a long distance PIN code to a specific person using their WSU ID. When requested, the PIN code is emailed directly to the specific user and only the user should ever have access to this code. It is not to be shared or given out. Since this PIN code is used only by one person, it is easy to monitor use and potential abuse.
      • You can also use this PIN code at any campus phones that accept PIN codes and even fax machines.
    • Unrestricted extension
      • This enables the extension to make long distance calls without any PIN codes necessary. This is only advisable if your extension is used only by you and is in a secure location. This option enables anyone to be able to make long distance, including international, calls from the extension. These calls can be very expensive and will be billed to your department no matter who made them.
    • For domestic long distance calling:
      • Dial 9 for an outside line
      • 1 to indicate long distance
      • The area code (the first 3 digits)
      • The 7-digit phone number.
      • If you have a PIN code, the line will beep 3 times and you have 10 seconds to enter your PIN code. If not, the call will automatically connect.
    • If you’re dialing internationally, you will need the country code. Please click here to find the country code.
      • Dial 9 for an outside line
      • Dial 011 to get outside of the US
      • Dial the country code
      • Dial the phone number
      • If you have a PIN code, the line will beep 3 times and you have 10 seconds to enter your PIN code. If not, the call will automatically connect.
      • Dial # to have the system accept the number as some countries have variable lengths on their phone numbers
      • Please click here to enter a service request for long distance.
I would like to enter a ticket, however I don’t know my org, fund and budget officer. How do I find that information?

You will need to contact whoever does the billing/business side of things in your department. Often an admin can provide this information or a business manager.

Why do we need provide funding for our work order?
  • Telecommunications bills back for much of the work performed around campus by our department. This ensures we are able to provide you with quality service as we don’t receive GU funding.
  • If you are putting in a trouble (maintenance) ticket, we ask for funding in case we determine there is billing associated. For example, if you put in a ticket stating your phone isn’t tracking calls, we may determine that your phone is an older model that doesn’t do this. You will ask us to upgrade and we can do so at that time without the need to wait for funding information. If you feel uncomfortable providing this information, simply enter N/A in these fields. If there are charges found to be necessary, we will need to identify funding prior to proceeding with any work needed.
  • You should never be charged without knowing what that charge is ahead of time. Our technicians are trained to follow up with you prior to doing any work not specifically requested in your original work order
How do I get added to the email that goes to each department contact informing them that the Telecommunications billing has been posted?
  • Click here to enter a service request. You can choose “Other” and “Billing” as your categories. This will also give you permissions for the org you indicated to be able to access your bill in Pinnacle.
  • Click here for instructions on how to access your bill in Pinnacle.
I just need a cell phone or mifi (jetpack) while I’m traveling or for a few weeks. Can I borrow one?
  • Of course! We have Apple and Samsung phones as well as several mifi devices that can be checked out.
  • Click here to submit a service request. Remember to include dates as well as requested device and whether you’ll be traveling outside of the United States.
How do I order, upgrade to new a cellphone or cell phone accessories?

To order a cellular device or any accessories, either new or upgrade, click here and choose Cellular Service under Telephone Requested Service. You will use this form even if you are just requesting a quote. We require a ticket to be able to provide this.

I have a new device. How do I move from one device to the other?

You need to back up your device and restore to your new device. This has been made relatively simple by new practices from most major phone providers. You should be able to do this on your own, but if you require assistance, please contact us as x3535 or

Please see our guides listed here for wiping/factory resetting your old device.

Please ensure you begin to set up your device early in the day as this process can take hours and ITS may not be able to assist you later in the day if you run into any issues.

I have a new device. How do I set up my email?

Click here  for instructions on how to set up your University email on your device.

What do I do with my old cellular device?

Your device belongs to your department as they paid for it. Please remember this is a University device and must be used in that capacity. It is not to be given to employees for personal use nor is it to be trashed or recycled by departments. Your device must go through the proper channels for disposal. Your department may choose to keep the device to have as a backup or to provide to a newer employee. If not, we can recycle the device for you.

  • You need to wipe the device (aka factory reset) after you’ve made sure you have all the data you need off of it. Please do not turn devices in that are locked with passcodes, iTunes accounts, etc. Click here for instructions on how to do that.
  • Once you’ve wiped your device, you can send it to Business Manager, Campus Box 61 or deliver them to Jabara Hall, room 027. We will ensure the device is completely wiped and free of University data and then we recycle the device.
What do I do if my cell phone is broken (cracked screen, won’t power on, etc.)?

You may choose to get your phone repaired at any site of your choosing. We generally recommend Mobile Comm at 21st and Woodlawn. Please submit a work order here to check for upgrade eligibility and to review other options. Again, this device is not to be trashed or recycled. Even broken devices should be sent to Telecommunications, box 61, to ensure they are properly disposed of and no University data is at risk.


Conference Calling
How do I get a conference phone?
  • Click here to enter a service request.
  • Choose Conference Call as the requested service, then you can choose if you need the phone only, the numbers only (detailed below) or both.
  • Quotes can be provided prior to installation. Please check “yes” on the form to request a quote.
What are the numbers to be used when having a conference call?

We use LoopUp conferencing services. This service allows all parties to call one number and enter a conference code that puts everyone on the call at once.

Please see the next FAQ for instructions on entering a ticket for this service.

How do I get a conference code?
  • Click here to enter a service request.
  • Choose Conference Call as the requested service, then you can choose if you need the phone only, the numbers only (detailed below) or both.
  • Once you have entered a request, we will set you up with an account on LoopUp's site.
  • You will receive an email that will contain your call in number, your conference code and your leader PIN.
What happens when I need to make another conference call?

These numbers are yours to have until they are cancelled by you or your department. You will keep the welcome email that was sent to you and re-use these numbers for all conference calls you’re initiating.

How secure are these calls?
  • Since the numbers are re-used, there is a security risk with each call that a previous user could be on that call. This is rare as there is no way for that caller to know times and dates.
  • There are a few additional security measures you can take, however.
    • PIN code. This is a code that you can set in advance to be specific to each call. It is a 4-digit PIN code that you update prior to sending out conferencing information.
    • Operator assisted calls. With these calls, the operator, from LoopUp, will verify each caller on the call and stay with the call to ensure no one else joins. This option is very costly, but is utilized by departments across campus when security is a top priority.
I need patch cables. How do I get them?
  • Click here to enter a service request.
  • Choose Other as Requested Service and Billing as Other Service.
  • Enter the details in the description. We need to know the length and quantity needed.
  • Someone from our department will contact you when they are ready for pickup.
Our department needs a toll-free number. How do I set that up?
  • Click here to enter a service request.
  • Choose Telephone Request, then Add New Service.
  • We will contact you for your requirements.
  • Costs do vary with this service, but it will be a normal, monthly charge for the line the toll free number will need to point to as well as usage charges (generally around $5 per line in fees, then a small monthly charge).
  • Most departments pay around $5-$10, plus the line charge, for this service.
Why is there a jack in my office that is dead?

Unless your department specifically orders a particular service for a line (wire) the connection is unused. The type of wire we install is capable of supporting most services we offer (network, digital phone, analog phone and a number of specialized connections). When installing wire, especially in new construction or remodelling, we try to 'plan ahead' and design an agile plant that will accommodate future expansion while reducing future expense.

The jack you see probably has wiring to it due to this, but may not be active if your department did not request activation of that port.Click here to enter a service request for port activation.

Why does my phone have static on the line?
We have found that the leading cause of static on lines is caused by cord twisting. If you have a cord-twist device on the phone, remove the device to see if that helps. Worn handset cords and base cords (the cord from the phone set to the wall) are also leading causes of static. Inspect these cords for damage. Click here  to fill out a trouble report with the online service request for Telecommunications.
Where are public phones and pay phones on campus?
Pay phones are maintained by the public phone service provider, and with the popularity of cellular telephones they have adopted a plan to retire most pay phone locations on campus. Public campus phones are provided in most buildings on campus. Campus phones may be used to dial any extension on campus. It is good practice to always know the location of campus phones in the areas of campus you use, as these may be used to dial campus police in the event of an emergency. At some locations, campus phones may be used to dial local off-campus numbers as well, these phones are labeled as such.


For assistance, please contact ITS Telecommunications at 316-978-3535 . Select link for  more about our department.