What we do

We are the phone company of the university. We provide phone service, internet service and cellular service to faculty and staff on campus. We can also order anything associated with these services such as headsets, cell phone cases or desk phones

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We are located in Jabara Hall, Room 027.

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David Snook Manager of Telecommunications
027 Jabara Hall | david.snook@wichita.edu

Jessica Walles, CPA Telecommunications Business Manager
027 Jabara Hall jessica.walles@wichita.edu

Sheldon Johnson Service Supervisor
027 Jabara Hall | sheldon.johnson@wichita.edu

Glen Ewertz Network Service Technician
027 Jabara Hall | glen.ewertz@wichita.edu

Joseph Hutto Network Service Technician III
027 Jabara Hall | joey.hutto@wichita.edu

Jeremy Thompson Network Service Technician III
027 Jabara Hall | jeremy.thompson@wichita.edu

Derek Smith Installation Technician
027 Jabara Hall | derek.smith@wichita.edu