EC500 is turned on for your extension through programming performed by Wichita State University, ITS Telecommunications Services. When this feature is activated it will ring your desk phone and your remote phone (usually cell, but can be any external number) at the same time. Because of the association between your remote phone and your desk phone, calls to campus from your remote phone will appear to come from your desk phone (see below for instructions on calls to off-campus numbers). This can be a more professional presentation and will ensure your remote number not circulated.
A new button will be availavle on your phone the EC500 activation/deactivation button and the light will shine on theat button when it is activated. See below for instructions on how to turn this on/off remotely.
The next button down is the Extend Call button and will bridge an active call to your remote phone. When pressed during an active call, your remote phone will ring without alerting the party you are talking to. You can then answer the remote phone, hang up the desk phone and walk out of your office continuing the call on your remote phone.
Here are some commands you can run remotely:
-       To turn EC500 on remotely (calls ring your remote phone and desk phone)*
-       To turn EC500 off remotely (calls ring your desk phone only and will not ring on your remote phone)*
-       To remotely activate Send all Calls to Voicemail on your desk telephone*
    To remotely deactivate Send all Calls to Voicemail on your desk telephone*
-       To remotely Forward All Calls from your desk phone to another campus number*
-       To remotely Cancel Forward All Calls from your desk phone to another number*
-       To pick up a desk phone on your cell phone
     To mask your number and make a call from your desk phone on your cell
*These calls will last only a few seconds and then will disconnect automatically, but the remote actions described above allow you to make or take calls. To make all of these remote actions easier, you can create contacts and speed dials on your cell phone to quickly make these calls.