Enhancing the Shocker Experience

Throughout Welcomefest, Wichita State units and student groups are encouraged to provide programming and resources in the following areas that target the associated learning outcomes. University departments and student organizations can submit programs and events that take place within the first four weeks and align with one or more of the learning outcomes.




Learning Outcomes

Academic Connections

  • Identify locations of resources available for academic support   
  • Participate in programs that support career exploration 


  • Establish meaningful relationships with students, faculty, staff  
  • Identify opportunities to get involved outside of the classroom  
  • Understand how to navigate campus and the location of key resources  

Diversity & Human Differences

  • Create awareness of diverse populations, identities and perspectives   
  • Explore personal identity  
  • Understand resources available that support diversity, equity, and inclusion  


  • Understand resources that support and contribute to healthy living  
  • Understand behaviors that contribute to a healthy and positive environment