Connecting Every Student

Student engagement within the first four weeks of any semester is crucial to student success. Faculty and staff are encouraged to build relationships and create a sense of belonging, set expectations, promote active, engaged learning environments, integrate student support into learning experiences and help students know where they stand in class. Below are some suggested ways to engage students in and out the classroom.

Build and Encourage Relationships

  • When a student comes to you for help, personalize the conversation by asking for the student’s name and by giving the student your name.
  • Ask the second question. New students may not know enough about the university to understand what they need or who they need to talk to. Help them out by asking a follow-up question to figure out what they need to accomplish.
  • Give students who visit your office your business card. Let them know that they are welcome to call or email you if they need help.
  • When you send a student to another office, call ahead to make sure someone is there and understands what the student needs.
  • Always have campus maps available for students who need directions. Even better, walk the student to their next destination. Take the extra opportunity to get to know them and help them find their way around. Remember this might be their first time on campus.
  • Make a commitment to respond to email and/or voicemail within 24 hours during the work week.

Social Connections

  • Volunteer at a new student event like Back to School Bash or Clash of the Colleges
  • Be Seen in Black and Yellow on Friday’s! Take this opportunity to show your Wichita State pride and wear green or a WSU shirt to support our students. Pick up your We Support U shirt in the Shocker Store to support and promote mental health.
  • Attend a campus event during Welcomefest and talk with at least one new student. Find out where the student is from, what the student is majoring in, and how you can help the student be successful.
  • Encourage a student to build their peer relationships by getting involved on campus. Help them schedule an appointment with a Student Involvement Ambassador (SIA) who will discuss involvement opportunities that are best for them.

Academic Engagement

  • When needed, refer a student to the Shocker Learning Center for tutoring or supplemental instruction.
  • Listen, and let a student talk through a problem. Often you can help them talk their way through to the solution that is best for them.
  • Help a student worker understand how to better help other students.
  • Ask your student workers how they are doing in their classes and listen to any problems that they might be encountering.