How to Join

Membership Intake is an individualized process that members within the Multicultural Greek Council utilize to bring new members into their organization. Chapters choose the semester and dates when they will recruit and pledge new members. This process generally begins with an interest meeting followed by a period of membership education. The intake process typically ends with initiation or a formal crossing into membership and may include a new member presentation or reveal to show the new members to the campus community and their family and friends.

Joining a chapter in MGC is a lifelong commitment to a far-reaching national organization that is both exciting and rewarding. The brotherhood/sisterhood, dedication to community service and cultural awareness and education that you share as a member of a MGC organization is unlike any other.

At Wichita State, the Multicultural Greek Council is comprised of culturally-based chapters (Latino/a, Asian, and Muslim) and historically-black chapters (NPHC). MGC chapters boast smaller sizes and create a more intimate and close brotherhood and sisterhood. Despite your background, none of these organizations are exclusive and anyone can join. You can embrace and explore a different culture you never thought you would have before.

Disclaimer: Due to gathering restrictions as a result of COVID-19, regular programs may be altered to adjust to university guidelines to keep our students safe.