Emeritus Status Members

It is a time-honored tradition of the Association to bestow Emeritus Status upon retiring leaders of the Association, a tradition reserved for those who exhibit outstanding commitment to the Association and its ideals. Awarded through official Senate legislation, Emeritus Status members retain speaking rights on the floor of the Senate and are recongized each time they are present at meetings, events or sessions of the Association. Emeritus Status is a privilege and not a right; it may be revoked at any time by the Association. Please note the names below include the session in which the Emertius Status was bestowed on the member; not necessarily the session in which they served. 

Emeritus President

Shelby Rowell, 61st Session

Paige Hungate, 60th Session

Joseph Shepard, 59th Session

Matthew Conklin, 58th Session

Zachary Gearheart, 52nd Session

Allie Crouse, 50th Session

Thanh Huynh, 50th Session

Michael Schlotterbeck, 48th Session

 Emeritus Vice President 

Michael Bearth, 62nd Session

Breck Towner, 62nd Session

Jessica White, 52nd Session

Chevis Rebstock, 51st Session

Brooke Amos, 50th Session

Erin Cassidy, 49th Session

Nathaniel Price, 48th Session

Emeritus Senator  

Walter B. Wright, 62nd Session

Lucas Webb, 62nd Session

Matthew Madden, 62nd Session

Haley Ensz, 61st Session

Richard Reed, 56th Session

Marcus McNeal, 55th Session

Amy Shore, 53rd Session

Brandon Whipple, 53rd Session

Sarah Stanton, 53rd Session

Stacy Gross, 52nd Session

Tyler Emerson, 52nd Session

Devin Roberts, 51st Session

Matt Aelmore, 51st Session

Matthew Goad, 51st Session

Amy Smith, 50th Session

Twambi Kalinga, 50th Session

Ross Stewart, 49th Session

Aaron Davis, 48th Session

April Pameticky, 48th Session

Jennifer Unruh, 48th Session

Joshua Davis, 48th Session

Ross Turner, 48th Session

Emeritus Chairperson

Cassandra Standley, 56th Session

Emeritus Treasurer   

Colleen Ostermann, 62nd Session

Stella Yang, 61st Session

Elizabeth Pearson, 52nd Session

Trent Patterson, 52nd Session

Frankie Schneider, 51st Session

 Emeritus Student Advocate
Kimberly Grimes, 51st Session