11.16 / Labs, Offices, and Other Specially Equipped Rooms

  1. Policy

    When it becomes necessary for faculty/staff to request that certain labs, offices or other specially equipped rooms not scheduled by University Event Services (see Section 11.18) be opened at times other than regularly scheduled hours, it is the responsibility of the department needing the facility to make the necessary arrangements. A memo must be sent to the University Police Department, with a copy to the Physical Plant, from the departmental chairperson approving the request for use of the space. The memo must include all of the following information:

    1. The building name and the room number of the space requested.
    2. The date(s), the beginning time(s) and the ending time(s), for each requested use.
    3. The name of the faculty/staff person who is requesting the use of space and who will be responsible for the space during the period of time requested.

    The University Police Department will have the outside doors of the building to be used unlocked as requested in the memo. Unlocking areas within the building will be the responsibility of the department involved. Physical Plant employees will secure the outside doors to the facility following the ending time, unless it is after 11:30 p.m., in which case a University police officer will do so.