Gallery of Little Free Libraries in Haysville

Here are the six LFLs in the WSU LFL Network in Haysville as of November 20, 2019. This page will be updated as more LFL locations are up and running.

1. WSU Haysville

 WSU Haysville LFL

 WSU Haysville LFL


 2. Haysville Diversicare

 Diversicare LFL

 Diversicare LFL


3. Riggs Park LFL

RiggsPark LFL


4. Nelson Elementary Owl's Nest LFL

Nelson Elementary Owl's Nest


5. Ward Parkway LFL

Ward Parkway LFL


(6. Kirby Park LFL - removed from the LFL Network because of ongoing vandalism.)


7. Prichard Animal Hospital

Little Free Library at PrichardAnimal Hospital