WSU South/WSU Haysville

Student Assistant Graduates Highlights

The WSU South and WSU Haysville Team manages two WSU satellite facilities. We dedicate this page to some of our recent student assistants who are graduating or have just graduated, and who have worked with us for a few semesters with distinguished achievements during their training/working with us. From acquiring new office skill sets to administrative experience enrichment, our student assistants have opportunities to get involved with some of our administrative and day-to-day high-level procedures. Our aim is to train our student assistants to gain experience and confidence in taking on responsibilities in a professional higher learning office environment, which often helps our student assistants discover and advance their strengths and potentials. Having to work rotations at our two facilities, our student assistants learn to sharpen their flexibility and adaptive skills. We value our student assistant's contributions to our operations and rejoice the times we had with them to achieve common goals. 

Jayla Sporleder, graduating in May 2022

Jayla has worked for us since 2019. During her tenure, she has become the principal Lead Student Assistant in our student assistant pool. Her acquired skills in management, customer service, ability to work with everyone, readiness to help students and instructors, team building, taking on responsibilities and having great initiatives establishes her as a model student assistant. We are so proud of her accomplishment and thankful of having her on our team. Jayla is a first-generation college student who will obtain her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology this May. Jayla says her love for psychology stemmed from her interest in people and human behaviors. She joined our team because of her interest in helping fellow students and getting involved with student events. She will be pursuing her graduate Education Specialist degree in the School Psychology program at Wichita State starting in the fall 2022. Jayla hopes to work as a School Psychologist with elementary students in her community. Jayla recently completed fieldwork under various School Psychologists in USD 261, where she completed her K-12 education. She is committed to use her professional training to give back to the community that helped raise her.

Jayla Sporleder

Ashley Bailey, graduating in May 2022

Ashley is another exemplary Lead Student Assistant among our office assistant staff. Ashley joined our team in 2019; ever since she has proven over and over again her initiatives, artistic talents, and an ability to execute expediently and professionally responsibilities entrusted to her. Her organization and customer service skills are legendary. Ashley is a first-generation college student who will be obtaining her Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science this May. Ashley's interest in forensic science began from watching television shows in the field, which she says are often not fully accurate - now that she is professionally trained in this discipline. After graduation, Ashley strives to help the community just as she has been helping students and instructors while working in our team. She plans to find a full time position in Wichita to allow her to live on her own and pursue a career in her field. She also hopes to go back to school eventually to earn a master’s degree in Forensic Science. Ashley wants to use her skills and knowledge in her forensci science training to help solve forensic cases or provide test results to those that need them. She hopes that her future career will contribute greatly to the community she has lived in all her life and make it a better place to live.

Ashley Bailey