Community Education Classes

Through the Community Education Department, we will be offering these FUN, noncredit community education classes. These popular classes will fill fast, please enroll early. If there is any noncredit class you would like to see scheduled, please let us know.

A variety of fun and educational community education classes have been scheduled for spring '23:


Join John Mendoza’s Mexican foods cooking class! Learn how to cook Spanish rice, refried beans and fresh salsa, all served with a fantastic entree! These tasty recipes are simple to learn! We eat what we cook, and we cook a lot!!! Each class is a different dish. Pick one or pick all.

2/15 Carnitas with Chili con queso

3/22 Enchiladas

4/14 Monterey

5/15 Fajitas

Instructor: John Mendoza, Mexican Food Instructor

Begins Day Time Classes Location Cost

2/15 W 6-8p 1 DHS $59

3/22 W 6-8p 1 DHS $59

4/14 F 6-8p 1 DHS $59

5/15 M 6-8p 1 DHS $59

(DHS: Derby High School) 

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Do you know that fighting like a girl is a really GOOD THING? Do you know what to do if you are knocked to the ground? Grabbed by a wrist? Grabbed from behind? Think you are being followed? Relax and take a deep breath, Fearless and Female is here! Dress comfortable and experience a morning filled with fun, laughter and self-defense skills that you will help you BECOME YOUR OWN BEST PROTECTOR!

Instructor: Cindy Coughenour, Founder, Female and Fearless

Begins Day Time Classes Location Cost

3/7 T 5:30p 1 WSU Haysville $39

for 1 or $59 for 2



Come join the fun and learn how to make three amazing cocktails from scratch! In this class, participants will get hands-on experience making cocktails while learning the fundamentals and history of making a good cocktail. You must be at least 21 years of age to enroll.

Instructor: Pat Pelkowski, Owner Shaken or Stirred

Begins Day Time Classes Location Cost

3/8 W 7-9p 1 HMC $79 each or $119 for 2 (HMC: HUGHES METROPOLITAN COMPLEX )



The Budget Book is a simple workshop that helps students figure out where their money is going—pinpoint where it should go and how to redirect their funds, so it benefits them in the future. Participants will be encouraged to take a serious look at their finances—and might be blown away at how much of their money is not being utilized to its highest potential. The class will begin with a discussion about how students truly feel about budgeting. We will then look at their own finances by using monthly budgeting tools from The Budget Book by Sontia LM. Doing this activity will help participants look at their finances from a different perspective and be encouraged to find more freedom in their finances from knowing exactly where every penny is going.

Instructor: Sontia Mason, Owner, Write Vibez Publishing

Begins Day Time Classes Location Cost

4/13 Th 5:30-7:30p 1 WSU Haysville $35

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Reconnect with your inner child through the art of mindful coloring! Join us as we experience the positive effects that mindful coloring has on our minds and hearts in this class! Perfect for the entire family and packed with creativity, colorfulness and fun. The objective is to help participants unplug in a fun creative way, help them engage with their friends/family around them and educate them about how beneficial mindful coloring can be for their lives. Participants are encouraged to observe and discuss the artwork provided and then select one of the coloring pieces that speaks to them. With the coloring materials provided, students will then begin to transform their coloring sheets into masterpieces using their own creativity. Coloring books will also be available for purchase during the event. Materials are provided; however, participants are encouraged to bring their own materials to maximize their creativity.

Instructor: Stonia Mason, Owner, Write Vibez


Begins Day Time Classes Location Cost

5/12 F 5:30-7:30p 1 WSU Haysville $39

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Here is a list of PAST community education classes at WSU South and WSU Haysville to give you an idea what community classes we offer. Click on the "Flyers" thumbnails for more information on these past classes. New community education classes are being scheduled and will be announced here soon.

Fun Community Education Classes

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For other community education classes:

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