WSU West Faculty Orientation

Getting Aquainted with WSU West

Building Map:

Building Map

Staff Members:

Augustine Iacopelli - Director

Michelle Robinson - Assistant Director

Helena Kaul - Admistrative Assistant

Louisa Angeline - Student Assistant

Chloe Beims - Student Assistant

How to Work the Technology


  • The projector can be controlled using the control panel that is on the podium near the monitors. The projector should be turned on before logging into the podium computer or connecting your laptop through the HDMI cord that is on the podium.
  • Please turn off the projector whenever you are done with class to conserve energy.


  • The computer and both monitors should always be on, but if they are not, you can turn the computer on using the power button on the PC tower that is located at the base of the podium.
  • You can use either your myWSUID or the login info that is provided on the podium in each classroom to log into the computer.
  • USB drives can be plugged into the available ports on the PC tower or the backs/undersides of the monitors.
  • Don’t turn off the computer or monitors when you leave. Either log off or double click the “reboot” icon on the desktop.
    • Please note that when you log off, anything you’ve saved to the PC will be deleted. Please save all your projects on a USB drive or email them to yourself to avoid losing any files.


  • The left monitor is for your own use/notes and will not display on the projector. The right monitor is the one that will be projected. If one of the monitors is blank or if the left monitor is duplicated, make sure that they are set to “extend” instead of “duplicate”.


  • When playing media through the projector, the audio should be coming from the speakers next to the projector screen. If there is no sound or if the audio is coming from the monitor speakers instead, you can go to the sound settings and select a different Output source.


  • You can print from the podium computer to the Black and White copier in the office by selecting either the option that says "West Campus Copier" or "West-IQX-WM101-BW". Alternatively, you can contact one of the office staff members and ask them to print your document for you.
  • Copies of documents can be made using the Black and White copier in the office. 

When in doubt, restart! Many of the issues that will crop up can be fixed by restarting the equipment. For any serious issues, please ask one of the student assistants or office staff members for assistance. Additionally, there is a more extensive set of instructions for the classroom tech that is located on the podium near the monitors.

Cancelling a Class

  1. Let your students know via email, Blackboard announcement and/or telephone as soon as possible.
  2. Call the WSU West office at 316-978-6777 to let us know that you have cancelled our class so that we can answer questions/concerns from students who do not receive your cancellation notice.
  3. We will post an announcement sign on your classroom door to let students know that the class has been cancelled and will provide any additional information that you provide us with.

Facility Amenities

  • Faculty mailbox in main office

  • Available office space

  • Makeup exam administration