WSU West Faculty Orientation

Getting Aquainted with WSU West

Building Map:

Building Map

Staff Members:

Augustine Iacopelli - Assistant Director

Kim Maxton - Administrative Specialist

Brandon Schneider - Senior Administrative Assistant

Gonzalo Neira - Student Assistant

Krista Shields - Student Assistant

Elizabeth Nguyen - Student Assistant

Ryan Chapman - Student Assistant

How to Work the Technology

Cancelling a Class

  1. Let your students know via email, Blackboard announcement and/or telephone as soon as possible.
  2. Call the WSU West office at 316-978-6777 to let us know that you have cancelled our class so that we can answer questions/concerns from students who do not receive your cancellation notice.
  3. We will post an annoucement sign on your classroom door to let students know that the class has been cancelled and will provide any additional information that you provide us with.

Facility Amenities

  • Faculty mailbox in main office

  • Available office space

  • Makeup exam administration

Available Faculty Office Space

Please complete the following form to reserve office space with Krysti Carlson-Goering. You may also call Krysti directly at 978-8313.

Your Name:

Your E-mail Address:

Class(es) You Are Teaching:

Please indicate when you would like office space reserved for you:

Getting Specialized Assistance

Your Name:

Your E-mail Address:

Contact Phone Number:

What Class(es) Do You Teach at the West Campus:

What times/days are you most available:

Other information/comments specific to the type of assistance you need: