2024 Shocker STEM Camp

In partnership with the National Inventors Hall of Fame® (NIHF), Wichita State University's Corbin Connect is pleased to offer the nationally acclaimed Camp Invention® program to children entering second through fifth grade. This exciting, weeklong summer adventure provides opportunities for open-ended exploration of science, technology, engineering and more! Children rotate through a variety of hands-on activities each day while collaborating with friends to think creatively and invent their own solutions to real-world challenges.

The camp week runs June 3-7 with two Wichita Public School teachers serving as STEM instructors, and the program lineup is the best yet, so whether your child is a new or returning camper, they are in for an amazing week full of new discoveries and a-ha moments! During this energizing program, young innovators (aka campers) will:

  • Create unique sports ball & light-up game using physics
  • Explore sports balls & learn about intellectual property
  • Use design thinking to join Game of Fame for innovation
  • Explore biophysics, optics & electrical engineering for Glow Box
  • Investigate light in LEDs, fiber optics & animals
  • Discover mysteries with UV light, enhancing Glow Box
  • Solve global water challenges, personalize lab-on-wheels
  • Gather data, solve problems to help people & planet
  • Learn about water's role, become hydro heroes
  • Star on prototyping game show to find ultimate inventing place
  • Generate ideas, collaborate for rapid prototyping challenges
  • Protect creations with intellectual property, realize invention anywhere

Our teachers and staff are excited to work with many surrounding area students for an amazing week of STEM fun! 

Grade Level: Entering 2nd through 5th grade

Dates and Times: June 3-7, 2024 | 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Location: Wichita State Main Campus | Wichita State Connect

Cost: $200 

Capacity: 40 spots

Contact: Rosie Marino


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Learn more about the activities at Shocker STEM Camp

In the Game™

Children engineer light-up ball games, explore physics, design logos, and earn induction into the Game of Fame for their creativity.

Let’s Glow™

Children delve into molecular biology, genetics, and optics to engineer their unique Glow Box, exploring light physics, LEDs, fiber optics, and glowing animals, ultimately uncovering mysteries and letting their ideas shine.

Operation: HydroDrop™

Children embark on a global mission to tackle water challenges, learning about water's vital role and crafting a customizable robotic lab-on-wheels, becoming water heroes and agents of planetary change through hands-on exploration of water-based inventions.

Prototyping Studio™  

Children enter an immersive game show, empowered to mold their ideas into inventions as they explore innovation spaces, customize toolboxes, and realize the ultimate inventing space is anywhere with anything.


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