The College of Applied Studies has several centers and laboratories that support the mission of the college and serve the community. 

Center for Physical Activity and Aging
The Center for Physical Activity and Aging (CPAA) examines the interrelationships between exercise and aging via research, education, and service.

College Readiness Partnership Initiative
The WSU College Readiness Partnership Initiative was created to address KBOR's Foresight 2020, the plan sets long-range achievement goals that are measurable, reportable, and ensures the state's higher education system meets Kansans' expectations.

Counseling & Play Therapy Center
The Counseling & Play Therapy Center provides play therapy, a well-established therapy modality, to children who often have a limited ability to express themselves verbally to be able to speak with adults about their problems and concerns.

Human Performance Lab
The Human Performance Laboratory (HPL) is a high-technology research facility, designed with multiple integrated spaces to facilitate interdisciplinary teaching, research and engagement. 

Kansas Mentor and Induction Center
The Kansas Mentor and Induction Center (KMIC) seeks to improve teacher retention and student achievement in Kansas Schools through a network of high quality trained new teacher mentors.

The Fuse
The Fuse develops programming that prepares students to achieve their true passion, while providing the tools, opportunities, and options for individual growth.

Partnership for the Advancement of Sport Management
The Partnership for the Advancement of Sport Management (PASM) serves the profession and society as a resource for the purpose of advancing the field of sport management and its impact on key constituents.