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Undergraduate Advising

Mika MossMika Moss
Academic Advisor
Sport Management

Meet Your Academic Advisor

Mika Moss is the academic advisor for all undergraduates in the Sport Management program. Mika will guide you in course selection and career exploration. Contact Mika by e-mail  at or by phone at (316) 978-5998.

 New Students

Are you a brand new sport management student?

Yes, I am a new freshman

If you're starting college at WSU directly out of high school you will meet with a First Year Advisor in OneStop to enroll for classes. 

Please contact OneStop at (316) 978-3909 or to schedule an appointment. 

Yes, I am a new transfer student

You'll need a Shocker Connection appointment. During this appointment, you will meet with your academic advisor to learn more about the program, discuss career options, and choose first semester coursework.

Please call us at (316) 978-3300, option 2  to schedule a Shocker Connection appointment.

Current Students

Current sport management students will meet with an academic advisor each semester.

Each semester, schedule an appointment with your academic advisor to:
• Plan your upcoming semester schedule
• Register for classes

Contact College of Applied Studies Advising at (316) 978-3300 to schedule an advising appointment.

Be prepared for your advising session by:
• Reading your role as a student
• Find your degree program check sheet and mark off what is completed
• Use the Schedule Building Worksheet to build your schedule
• Outline a tentative class schedule using the Schedule of Courses
• Make a list of questions to ask your advisor about classes
• Think about career planning or other requirements you need to meet

Requirements for a Minor
Students have the option of taking additional courses for a minor. The subject of the minor appears in the final transcript, along with the title of the primary degree. Generally, pursuing a minor requires taking several classes in that area.

Minors are offered by individual programs. For example, a student in sport management may wish to pursue a minor in Marketing. In this case, the student's primary department is Sport Management and the department offering the minor is Marketing.

Departments that offer minors have their own requirements. For example, a minor in Marketing requires 15 credit hours from a specific list of marketing classes, while a minor in Communications consists of 18 credit hours from a list of classes in that department. Please consult the Undergraduate Catalog for details on specific minors.

Transfer Students

Students in the College of Applied Studies may transfer in some of their courses from other institutions. However, there is a limit to the number of transfer courses. Your academic advisor can assist in establishing course equivalencies for transfer credit. This service is especially recommended for those students who are planning to take a course elsewhere and transfer it to WSU.

Transferring from a community college?
WSU has worked extensively with Kansas community colleges to develop a list of courses that will transfer to the WSU College of Applied Studies. Called Transfer Guides, these lists cover transfer information and recommended courses. Community College Transfer Guides

Additionally, WSU provides a service called Dual Advising. This provides you with an advisor in the WSU College of Applied Studies to help guide you as you prepare to transfer to WSU. You can make an appointment to come for an in-person visit or phone call, with the Dual Advisor by filling out the Community College Dual Advising form.

Graduation from WSU requires a minimum of 120 credit hours, with at least 60 of those hours taken at a four-year institution and 45 of those hours taken at the upper-division level. Students seeking a bachelor's degree in sport management should be encouraged to take no more than 60 hours at a community college, unless seeking an associate's degree.

Does my course transfer?
Check to see if a course at another institution will transfer to WSU by using the Transfer Gateway. If a course has not yet been evaluated students may need to supply appropriate course descriptions and/or syllabi for transfer credit evaluations.