This program can now be completed fully online. If you're interested in this option, please contact Dr. Valerie Thompson

Master of Education in Educational Psychology: Higher Education/Student Affairs Track

Wichita State's Master of Education in Educational Psychology is a highly customizable program that will help you upgrade your career--or start a new one. If you have a passion for working in higher education/student affairs, the program now offers specialized tracks to equip you for successful roles in a diverse range of university settings.

Real-World Experience from Campus Leaders

At Wichita State, students in every major have unmatched opportunities for applied learning and research. Classes are taught by full-time faculty or administrative staff members.


Degree Requirements

Educational Psychology, core Higher Education / Student Affairs courses

30 credit hours:

  • CLES 801: Introduction to Educational Research (3)
  • CESP 811: Program Evaluation (3)
  • CESP 880: Practioner Wellness
  • CLES 871: Foundations of Higher Education (3)
  • CLES 872: Finance and Human Resources in Colleges and Universities (3)
  • CLES 873: College Student Development & the Campus Environment (3)
  • CLES 874: Legal and Ethical Issues in Higher Education (2)
  • CLES 875: Practicum in Higher Education Leadership1,2 (3)
  • CLES 876: Social Justice in Higher Education (3)
  • CLES 877: CAPSTONE: Current Issues in Higher Education and Student Affairs Admin (2)
  • CLES 878: Foundation of Student Affairs (2)

Additional, optional courses for emphasis in Student Affairs Practitioner Wellness and Effectiveness or3 Administration Leadership are available. 


Student Affairs Practitioner Wellness and Effectiveness:

6 credit hours

  • CLES 880: Practitioner Wellness and Effectiveness (3)
  • CLES 882: Crisis Management and Prevention in Higher Education (3)

Administration & Leadership:

6 credit hours

  • CLES 879: Administration and Governance in Higher Education (3)
  • CLES 881: Leadership in Higher Education (3)

(1) The Practicum in Higher Education Leadership course requires 125 hours.

(2) The Practicum in Higher Education leadership cannot be completed within a student's current workplace, including full-time positions or current GRA/GSA/GA positions.

(3) Students can mix emphasis courses


Admission Requirements

When applying for admission to the M.Ed. in Educational Psychology, HESA track program, you must submit to the Graduate School:

  • A completed graduate school application
  • Official transcripts with 3.00 GPA for the last 60 hours
  • Evidence of academic competence
  • Contact information for three references.
    • These individuals must know you professionally or academically and have some basis for commenting on your probable success as an educational psychologist.
  • A résumé including:
    - educational background
    - job experience (with dates)
    - relevant volunteer experiences (with dates)
    - undergraduate/graduate extracurricular activities, and personal interests
    - e-mail address
  • One-page statement of your professional goals and research interest

Upon receipt of this information, the departmental screening committee will make recommendations concerning admission decisions for the Master's Program in Educational Psychology.

You can view the progress of your admission status by navigating to Step 5 hereClick here for information on how you will be notified of your admission decision.

Background Check Requirement

Upon admission and prior to their first semester, all students admitted to the Counseling program must clear a criminal background check. Click here for instructions.