WSU College of Applied Studies
Advanced Programs

Degree Programs

Master's Programs

  • Counseling
  • Educational Leadership
  • Educational Psychology
  • Learning & Instructional Design
  • Special Education (four emphasis areas):
    • High Incidence Special Education
    • Low Incidence Special Education
    • Gifted
    • Early Childhood Unified
  • M.A. in Teaching (two emphasis areas):
    • Transition to Teaching *
    • Early Childhood Residency *

Specialist Programs

  • School Psychology

Doctoral Programs

  • Educational Leadership

Background Check Requirement

Upon admission and prior to their first semester, all students admitted to this program must clear a criminal background check. There are two reasons for this requirement. First, it is part of the university's due diligence before placing students in field settings. Second, the check may alert students to issues that may subsequently affect their ability to work in their chosen field. In instances when a student's criminal history raises reasonable concerns that the student should be cleared for continuation in the program and/or its field experiences, WSU may take a range of actions, including rescission of admission or dismissal from the program.

As part of this requirement, all students must complete a Student Authorization Form and submit it by email to As indicated on the form, there are three options for meeting this requirement, and students are responsible for successfully completing one of the following: 

*not needed for programs that lead to iniital licenensure above

  • Option #1: Provide a copy of current educator or other professional license that required a successful criminal background check. Please submit a copy to WSU College of Applied Studies by email to
  • Option #2: Provide a copy of a recent background clearance with Validity, NATSB, or employer requirement. Please submit copy to WSU College of Applied Studies by email to If you work in an organization (e.g., school district) and are unable to obtain a copy of your background check from your employer, please use the Verification Form.
  • Option #3: Validity Screening Solutions - Submit the Validity online background request form with payment. Click here for directions.