College of Applied Studies
Undergraduate Degree Programs

Athletic Training *  At this time, the Athletic Training program is transitioning to a Graduate Degree.  Future students are encouraged to enter the Exercise Science program for their undergraduate studies. 
Early Childhood Unified (Early Childhood/Special Education (B-3rd Grade)/ Elementary (K-6th Grade)) *^

Early Childhood/Special Education (B-3rd Grade)/ Elementary (K-6th Grade)- TAP *^ 
#1 - 65 hours (General Education Coursework Excluded)
#2 - 120 hours (General Education Coursework Included)

Elementary Education (K- 6th Grade) *^
Exercise Science
Middle Level English-Science (5-8 Grade) *^
Middle Level History-English (5-8 Grade) *^
Middle Level History-Math (5-8 Grade) *^
Middle Level History-Science (5-8 Grade) *^
Middle Level Math (5-8 Grade) *^
Middle Level Math-English (5-8 Grade) *^
Middle Level Science-Math (5-8 Grade) *^
PreK-12 Art Education *^
PreK-12 French Education *^
PreK-12 Music Education *^
PreK-12 Physical Education *^
PreK-12 Spanish Education *^
Secondary Biology (6-12 Grade) *^
Secondary Chemistry (6-12 Grade) *^
Secondary Earth and Space Science (6-12 Grade) *^
Secondary English-Language Arts (6-12 Grade) *^
Secondary History/Government (6-12 Grade) *^
Secondary Mathematics (6-12 Grade) *^
Secondary Physics (6-12 Grade) *^
Sport Management
Workforce Leadership and Applied Learning

* Program requires additional application. Click here for program applications.

^ The program coursework prepares a student for the PRAXIS licensure exams required by the State of Kansas for application for a teacher license or endorsement. Completion of the PRAXIS licensure exams with a passing score is required by the State of Kansas for a candidate applying for teacher license and/or endorsement.