College of Applied Studies Advising Staff

We are here to help you! The College of Applied Studies Advising is staffed with an outstanding team of individuals committed to providing prospective and current College of Applied Studies students with the assistance and resources they need as they enter and progress through their programs.

Below is a list of staff members in the College of Applied Studies Advising. Please feel free to contact any of us. For general questions or concerns, please call (316) 978-3300. We are located in the Corbin Education Center room 107, so please stop by for a visit!

Sherena Langley


(316) 978-6948

Sheri Barnes

HPS Academic Advisor

(316) 978-6952

Ricki Ellison

Clinical Educator & Academic Advisor

(316) 978-5998

Tierney Mount

Academic Advisor and Licensure Officer

(316) 978-3300

Andrew Myers

Assistant to the Dean, Scholarships and Records

(316) 978-7864

Kathy Munsterman

Academic Advisor

(316) 978-3300