Low Incidence Program


The Master of Education in Special Education - Low Incidence emphasis at Wichita State University is a 30 hour program that prepares educators for teaching students with moderate to severe disabilities. The program is designed to develop reflective practitioners who possess both theoretical understanding and practical skills related to (a) the field of special education for students with adaptive learning needs, (b) effective communication and collaboration, and (c) research-validated practices.

Degree Requirements

Wichita State University Master of Education in Special Education - Low Incidence consists of 30 graduate hours. The courses include:

Required Courses (23):

  • SPED 784: Foundations of Special Education (3)
  • SPED 742: Introduction to Teaching Strategies for Students With Severe/Multiple Disabilities (3)
  • SPED 749F: Practicum: Low-Incidence (3)
  • SPED 796: Family and Professional Collaboration (2)
  • SPED 812: Transition Across Life Span (2)
  • SPED 818: Positive Behavior Supports for Students With Exceptionalities (3)
  • SPED 818A: Internship: Positive Behavior Supports (1)
  • SPED 820: Advanced Teaching Strategies for Students with Severe Disabilities (3)
  • SPED 820A: Internship: Low-Incidence (1)
  • SPED 822: Principles of Nondiscriminatory Assessment for Students With Exceptionalities (2)

Research Component (7): 

  • CLES 801: Introduction to Educational Research (3)
  • SPED 862: Evidence Based Inquiry: Capstone Project Proposal (2) 
  • SPED 863: Evidence-Based Inquiry: Capstone Project (2)

Endorsement only option:
If you are only seeking licensure in Special Education - Low Incidence, you will take only required courses (23 credit hours). You can apply for your provisional endorsement after completion of only 9 hours of coursework.

For an additional 9 credit hours you can earn an endorsement in Special Education - High Incidence. 

Admission Requirements

When applying for admission to the Master of Education in Special Education - Low Incidence program, you must:

  • For full admission, students must have a GPA of 2.750 or better; 
  • Applicants with a GPA below 2.750 are required to meet one of the following: 
    • GRE scores of at least 150 in verbal reasoning, 148 in quantitative reasoning, and 3.5 in analytical writing. 
    • Miller Analogies Test (MAT) score of 400 or above. 
  • A current Kansas initial teaching certificate/license (or eligible for a certificate/license) is required for admission.
  • Full admission to the WSU Graduate School; complete the graduate school application 

Applications are evaluated when received for the the special education low incidence program.

Application Process

You can view the progress of your admission status by visiting wichita.edu/onestop and click on Track My Progress. For information on how you will be notified of your admission decision, please click here.

Background Check

Upon admission and prior to their first semester, all students admitted to the  Master of Education in Special Education - Low Incidence program must clear a criminal background check. Click here for instructions.