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The Organizational Leadership and Learning (OLL) degree program is a flexible, highly customizable undergraduate degree focused on applied learning and workforce integration. Students can utilize prior credit for educational and work experience to significantly shorten the path to a degree.

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Prepare for leadership with a customizable degree

The Organizational Leadership and Learning Bachelor of Applied Science degree prepares students to work in a range of relationship-focused careers in which their leadership skills can positively contribute to both professional and personal development.

Students learn how to manage professional relationships by mastering soft skills that include motivational strategies, conflict management, time management and emotional intelligence.


Program Features

All organizations, whether they are governmental agencies, business and corporations, or not-for-profit groups, need employees that are creative, persuasive, have an ability to collaborate, are adaptable, and demonstrate effective time management. The Organizational Leadership and Learning degree provides students the chance to learn, grow, develop, and apply these professional skills as experiential learning. Degree highlights include:

Comprehensive curriculum

Students may take courses from a variety of departments and programs based upon their schedule, needs, and interests.

On-the-job training

Students will complete 21 hours of applied learning, where they are documenting over 1,500 hours of on-the-job training.

Practical skills

Develop your own leadership philosophy and build strategies for how to advance in the modern organizational environment.

A degree to meet your needs

You'll build a customized leadership skillset that fits your career goals plus get credit for prior learning experiences.


Education and Innovation thumbnail of professor addressing classroom

Education and Innovation

Focuses on improving organizational and employee effectiveness related to productivity, work satisfaction, morale, quality of work life, and how to educate others in nonschool settings.

Careers may include

  • Corporate Trainer

  • Management

  • Recruiter

Emergency and Public Service thumbnail of firefighter with axe

Emergency & Public Service

Focuses on applied leadership and is connected to various emergency, first responders, and public service industries. Prior Learning credit required.

Careers may include

  • Firefighter

  • EMT

  • Active-Duty Military / Military Veteran

Hospitality Management thumbnail of restaurant employee holding a plate of food

Hospitality Management

For students who have or are pursuing AAS degrees, certificates or trainings in hotel and restaurant management, culinary arts or other hospitality-related industries. Prior Learning credit required.

Careers may include

  • Restaurant Manager

  • Hotel Manager

  • Food Procurement Specialist
Corporate professional stretching and happy at her desk.

Corporate & Organizational Wellness

Examines the development, maintenance, and/or application of holistic wellness in a variety of business, industry, and non-profit organizational settings.

Careers may include

  • Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

  • Workplace Wellness Coordinator

  • Senior Business Development Specialist

A woman using a vr headset in a classroom

Digital Transformation

For current or graduate AAS students, certificates, and/or trainings associated with the use, evolution, and innovative application of emerging technologies within industry settings. Prior Learning credit required.

Careers may include

  • Electrical Engineering Manager

  • Social Media Manager

  • Chief Data Monetization Leader

Industrial Automation and Robotics student in the robotics labs

Industrial Automation & Robotics

Use automated or robotic control systems designed to mechanize productivity, ensuring manufacturing and information technologies operate effectively and continue to evolve. Prior Learning credit required.

Careers may include

  • Engineering Manager
  • Mechanical Engineering Project Manager

  • Manufacturer Leader

Propel Your Career Journey with Applied Learning

At the heart of OLL's program lies a pivotal requirement: you must engage in 21-credit hours of experiential learning. The program is meticulously designed to align with the demands of today's job market and industry landscape connecting students with WSU's vast network of local industry partners. This ensures a seamless integration of skills acquired through immersive experiences, such as paid apprenticeships, internships, and co-ops in order to propel student's career journeys.

Applied Learning at Wichita State

Workforce Experience For Credit

Organizational Leadership and Learning allows professionals to utilize industry-specific courses from their community college, technical school or other certified training programs to be applied toward a bachelor's degree program. WSU faculty members work alongside students from a variety of areas such as firefighting, emergency medical services, public safety, industry and organizational professions, in order to achieve their career goals. OLL is also one of a few, select degrees chosen to partner with McConnell Air Force Base which allows active military personnel to participate.