Gap Year with a Plan

Thinking about taking a gap year? We get it … with all the uncertainty surrounding where to go to school, what will college "look like," and how will you afford it, we wanted to let you know that Wichita State University can help.

Through creative mechanisms where we work with students, you can take a gap year and still receive some academic credit! Feel like you need to stay close to home and work? We understand. Want to take a year and try and support or help your community? We understand that, too.

With a minor in Organizational Leadership and Learning (OLL), you can actually work your job or help your community and count those experiences toward Organizational Leadership and Learning classes. When you eventually come to Wichita State University, then these courses will give you a minor in Organizational Leadership and Learning, which means all of these courses will count towards ANY major at Wichita State University.

This way you can 'earn while you learn' and/or help your community AND still earn 12-credit hours of college credit. And, the Bachelor of Applied Science in Organizational Leadership and Learning is online, too. Feel free to take as many classes on leadership, how to work with others, how to make organizational decisions, or applied learning courses as you would like.

About Gap Year + OLL

What is a minor?

What is a minor? A minor is a small grouping of classes that provide some focus on a topic. Let's say you think your major will be in healthcare, engineering, sport management, graphic art, sociology, education, athletic training, or chemistry. A minor in Organizational Leadership and Learning simply helps you develop and apply your leadership skills so you can be an impactful leader in whatever field you decide to pursue after graduation.

What is a Gap Year?

According to the Gap Year Association, a Gap Year can be defined as "a semester or year of experiential learning … in order to deepen one's practical, professional, and personal awareness." (2020)

Minor in Organizational Leadership and Learning

Minor in Organizational Leadership and Learning includes a variety of classes that are online, involve applied learning, and help you learn all aspects of leadership. Check out the classes!

How to Apply to WSU

Have questions about how to apply? Learn more.

How to Enroll in the Minor

Have questions about how to enroll in the minor, then please contact Mika Moss at or 316-978-3300, option 2.

Benefits of a Gap Year
  • The ability to determine your goals and a plan to achieve them (Gap Year + OLL Minor = Plan of Action)
  • Saving money by both taking classes that will result in a minor can complement any academic major and the opportunity to engage in paid applied learning experiences.
  • Gaining experience/ Building your resume (career, world perspective)
  • Time to think, explore study options and really understand your interest and passions
  • You will make new friends, network, and connect in partnerships and industry
  • Less likely to suffer from burn out, more likely to succeed in college, and you will develop life skills

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