Are you an involved student leader on campus? Are you interested in enhancing your experience and earning academic credit for leadership roles and co-curricular opportunities?  Students who serve as Resident Assistants, in Student Government Association, an Ambassador, executive board members of Community Service Board or Student Activities Council, or as council or chapter leaders in Fraternity and Sorority Life, or active in executive boards of student organizations this minor is for you. Communicate the important soft skills and career competencies that you are learning through a leadership minor to future employers, internship opportunities, or graduate programs. 

By utilizing courses within the minor and working closely with your academic advisor, students can leverage courses within the minor to help meet a broad range of educational needs and requirements regardless of your academic major. 

Take your leadership in practice to the next level by declaring a minor in Student Organization Leadership and get started with one of our courses or earning practicum credit for your student leadership role. 

About the minor

What is a minor?

What is a minor? A minor is a small grouping of classes that provide some focus on a topic. Let’s say you think your major will be in healthcare, engineering, sport management, graphic art, sociology, education, athletic training, or chemistry. A minor in Student Organization Leadership simply helps you develop and apply your leadership skills so you can be an impactful leader in whatever field you decide to pursue after graduation.

Courses in the Minor

The Minor in Student Organization Leadership includes a variety of classes that are designed with the student leader in mind in partnership with practitioners who get what it means to be involved on campus. Courses are offered in a variety of formats, involved applied learning, and help you learn all aspects of leadership.

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How to Enroll in the Minor

Have questions about how to enroll in the minor, then please contact Mika Moss, Academic Advisor at or 316-978-5998. 

Powered by Organizational Leadership & Learning + Student Engagement Partnership

The Student Organization Leadership minor is provided via a dynamic partnership with Organizational Leadership and Learning and Dr. Chelsea Redger-Marquardt, Assistant Professor serving as support for the academic infrastructure for the minor and Student Affairs/ Student Engagement, Advocacy and Leadership (SEAL) at Wichita State University providing involvement opportunities for student applied learning and practitioner expertise for course content.  

"This minor provides a distinction that will never leave a student's resume and allows students to practice their leadership skills and be engaged in real time."

- Gabriel Fonseca, Interim Executive Director, Student Engagement and partner practitioner facilitator for the minor

Are you Career Ready? How the Minor can Help. 

The National Association of Colleges and Employers established 8 competencies (adopted by Shocker Career Accelerator) to ensure preparedness and success for college students transitioning into the workplace. This minor allows students to articulate and translate the important and impactful experiences you are engaged in via leadership roles and responsibilities as an involved student leader. Students will directly engage in conversations and activities allowing them to learn how to leverage and articulate your involvement to a broader audience and make meaning of your involvement to help you build confidence and understanding in your leadership identity.