Economics - Real Estate 

Bachelor of Business Administration 

Department of Economics
Department of Finance, Real Estate, and Decision Sciences (F.R.E.D.S)

A major in economics with an emphasis in real estate is designed for students interested in broader conceptual and policy issues associated with real estate and land use.

Foundation Skills
ENGL 100/101 – College English I
ENGL 102 – College English II
COMM 111 – Public Speaking
MATH 111 or 112 – College Algebra or Pre-Calculus
General Education Requirements
Fine Arts Intro
Hum Intro 
Econ 201 
Math 144 
*First Year Seminar    Please See an Advisor   
     IB 333
     ENTR 310
     FA/HUM/MNS 300+ level
Advanced Standing Requirements
MATH 144  – Business Calculus
ECON 201 – Macroeconomics
ECON 202 – Microeconomics
ECON 231 – Business Statistics
ECON 232 – Statistical Software Applications - 1 cr.
BADM 100 - Exploring the World of Business
BADM 162 – Business Software: Excel - 1 cr.
ACCT 210 – Financial Accounting
ACCT 220 – Managerial Accounting
NOTE: All courses are 3 credits unless noted otherwise
Economics/Real Estate Major Requirements
ECON 301 - Intermediate Macroeconomics (FL only)
ECON 302 - Intermediate Microeconomics (SP only)
RE 310 - Principles of Real Estate
Select one of the following:
ECON 340 - Money & Banking, or
ECON 709 - Urban Economics, or
RE 709 - Urban Economics
Select 12 credit hours of upper-division (300 or above) economics or real estate courses. NOTE: No more than 3 credit hours of RE 481 may be used to satisfy the elective component of this degree.


Specific Requirements for Economics Majors with an Emphasis in Real Estate
  •  Of the 24 credit hours for the economics emphasis in real estate major, 12 credit hours must come from ECON courses and 12 credit hours must come from RE courses. Urban Economics (RE 709 or ECON 709) may be counted as either an ECON or RE class.
  • All majors must contain at least 12 unduplicated credit hours. All minors must contain at least 3 unduplicated credit hours.
  • No more than 3 credit hours of RE 481 may be used to satisfy the elective component of this degree.
  • ECON 201 and ECON 202 cannot be used to meet the general education requirements.
  • See a business advisor for approved major courses.

Economics-Real Estate Degree Completion Plan PDF