As part of the M.S. in Business Analytics (MSBA), students are required to complete 24 credit hours of core courses and select 6 credit hours of elective courses.

Choose from two tracks

The curriculum focuses on developing contemporary competencies via innovative hands-on activities and industry practices. To serve the needs of professionals in the field, the MSBA program offers two tracks - Management and Data Science:

  • The Management track focuses on developing capabilities and mastery in leading analytics initiatives.
  • The Data Science track aims to impart mastery in the use of innovative tools and techniques in data analytics.

Program objectives

The overall objectives of the M.S. in Business Analytics are to ensure that graduating students possess the following:

  • The ability to understand the different business domains and communicate with stakeholders to frame the business problem
  • Learn to collect data form various sources, transform it, organize it into a database, then query it to get the necessary data for analysis
  • Understand the different statistical and mathematical models, and accompanying software, used in Descriptive, Predictive, and Prescriptive Analytics
  • Manage and deploy a complete Analytics solution to a real business problem, from data collection to finding the appropriate Analytics solution to communicating the solution with stakeholders

Preparatory Requirements

Management Track Courses     Data Science Track Courses

Professional and Scholarly Integrity Training (PSIT)

All Students are required to complete Professional and Scholarly Integrity Training (PSIT) before graduation. For more information go to  CITI Instructions and file a Plan of Study before they graduate.

Dual / Accelerated 4+1 MSBA Program

Students in any undergraduate major can pursue an MSBA in their senior year and take up to 9 credits that can double count for their undergraduate degree as well as their MSBA degree (with advisor's approval). Learn more about the Dual / Accelerated 4+1 MSBA Program