To reduce the gap between high-school-level and college-level math courses, the College of Engineering offers a free summer program, the Shocker Bridge to Math Success, to all incoming freshmen.

Why Enroll in the Free Program?

The Shocker Bridge to Math Success program is designed to help incoming freshmen:

Bridge the Gap

Between high-school-level and college-level math courses.

Get Perfectly Placed

After completing our comprehensive Math Placement Exam (MPE).

Jumpstart Your Education

By getting on the path to success from day one.

Save Time and Money

By passing future math courses the first time.

Student in Shocker Bridge Program

Program Details and Date Options

The Shocker Bridge to Math Success program features self-guided online work with weekly virtual sessions. The program is four weeks long, and for Summer 2024, there are two program options to choose from, one in June and one in July. Please note that daily/weekly time required will vary by student.

June 3-28, 2024 July 1-26, 2024

Week of Mon., June 3

Week of Mon., July 1

Week of Mon., June 10

Week of Mon., July 8

Week of Mon., June 17

Week of Mon., July 15

Week of Mon., June 24

Week of Mon., July 22


Student in Shocker Bridge to Success Program

What to Expect

An Assessment to Set You Up for Success

At the beginning of the program, you will have the opportunity to take the comprehensive Math Placement Exam (MPE), which will assess your math foundation and ensure you’re placed appropriately in your self-guided journey.

An Immersive and Rigorous Experience

The program is truly immersive, meaning that you will be fully absorbed in the program for four weeks straight. Although the time commitment is significant, it is the best way to build a strong math foundation and ensure future success in all your upcoming engineering studies.

Personalized Support and Resources

The program is operated entirely by one of our faculty members who utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) to perfectly customize the program to each student’s needs.Therefore, you will receive the exact support and resources you need to excel in all your upcoming engineering studies.


Interested in Learning More?

Whether you are only interested in taking the Math Placement Exam (MPE) or you would like to join the Shocker Bridge to Math Success program, please complete the Information Request form.