Minutes of the General Faculty Meeting

Hughes Metroplex

Friday, May 6, 2016, 3:30-4:40 PM

Summary of Actions:
1. Accepted - Revisions to the Constitution

I. Call to Order –Senator Shaw called the meeting to order 4:10PM, Senator Ewing was appointed secretary and Senator Ross was appointed parliamentarian.

II. Moment of Silence for Deceased Faculty – the following faculty were recognized
Robert Anderson, Education
Mary Elaine Conrad, Medical Technology
Louis Guillette Jr., Biology
“Fran” Dwight Jabara, Entrepreneurship
Will Klunder, History
Calvin Garth Noah, Geology
Arthur H. Rohn, Anthropology
Lavona Ida Spencer, Academic Advising
“Dick” Charles Welsbacher, Performing Arts

III. President John Bardo – State of the University. President Bardo addressed the faculty and shared the following comments:
a. We need to protect the core nature of the university and the right of our students to be different and to disagree with each other.
b. In difficult times it is easy to “hunker down” and that is the wrong way to go we need to respond by doing what we can to get out of the difficult times.
c. We saw in the award winners people who stood out and it speaks well of the quality of our colleagues.
President Bardo provided the following campus updates:
a. There is a rumor that the base university budget is being used to build the innovation campus. The rumor is not true – the money being used was earmarked specifically for the innovation campus and includes the use of EEG funds from the state, county and city bond money, federal grants and private sector funds.
b. Airbus will move to the innovation campus in January 2017.
c. A road is being developed from 17th street to the baseball stadium. Trees were removed, but more trees will be planted.
d. At 19th Street a boutique hotel will be developed. An announcement will be made this summer.
e. The city and county are planning to move the police training facility to the campus. This should provide opportunities for criminal justice students.
f. A coffee shop will be built outside of the admissions office, this project is currently underway.
g. The university is working with the City of Wichita to help Cargill make good decisions regarding staying in Wichita. Branches of corporations are being required to move to hubs, but the innovation campus provides the opportunity to counter this pressure.
h. Innovation is occurring across campus, not just at the innovation campus, and President Bardo cited the School of Art Design and Creative Industries as an example.
i. President Bardo stated that there is no joy in anything related to the budget; and everything is being carefully looked at. The President will ask for a tuition increase and possible fee increase as well, but they will be kept in range.
j. The community colleges do not like the idea of a WSU and WATC merger, but it is the right thing to do and will transform our ability to address the future needs of the community and the state. It is the opportunity to meet emerging needs without having to make changes in other colleges.
k. At this point, enrollment for the fall is looking okay. There are more reservations for housing than in the past and if all the students who have requested housing show up, the President will look at how to do a second residence hall.
l. President Bardo pointed out that WSU has been a great university for “years and years and years because of the work of dedicated people who try to focus on what really matters.”

IV. Provost and Senior Vice President Tony Vizzini – State of Academic Affairs.
a. Provost Vizzini thanked President Moore-Jansen for the wonderful introductions of the award winners and then thanked the award winners for all of their work.
b. Provost Vizzini stated that this year we have pushed the envelope in terms of innovations and the regents had given us flexibility in how we do education.
c. Provost Vizzini thanked faculty and staff for their work.

V. Faculty Senate President Peer Moore-Jansen – State of the Faculty Senate. President Moore-Jansen noted that the Faculty Senate has been busy and addressed several issues this academic year:
a. weapons safety - there will groups working on this issue this summer and into the fall);
b. WATC faculty status and course alignment will continue to be addressed;
c. University Admissions and Exceptions made changes which will modify and expand how we recruit students while maintaining academic integrity;
d. First Year Seminar was approved - President Moore-Jansen thanked Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs Muma for his effort;
e. currently the UniScope Model is being discussed in the senate; and
f. issues related to AP and CLEP scores are still being discussed.
President Moore-Jansen commented that being a senate means being a governance structure which means engagement and we need to bring in those who are not as engaged. Now more than ever there is a need for greater communication.

VI. New Business
a. Senator Shaw presented the Proposed Revisions to the Faculty Senate Constitution. The revisions are an item of new business sent out as an e-mail attachment two weeks ago and with the e-mail reminder this week. The Faculty Senate adopted the revisions at their April 25, 2016 meeting. Motion to approve made by Senator Ross, seconded by Senator Yildirim. The motion was accepted with one abstention.

VII. As May Arise – None

VIII. Adjournment – at 4:25PM