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Faculty Workload/Review Taskforce   Back to top

Charge of the committee: Review faulty review/workload policies-develop a plan for the review prior to the end of 2018 for KBOR.

Neal Allen - LAS Social Sciences
Rajiv Bagai - Engineering
Susan Bray - Applied Studies
Betty Smith-Campbell - Health Professions and Chair, Faculty Senate President
Cheyla Clawson - Fine Arts
Rachel Crane - University Libraries
John Hammond - LAS Natural Sciences
Paul Harrison - Business
Jeff Hayton - LAS Humanities
Dennis Livesay - Dean, Graduate School
Linda Moody - Health Professions
Jeff Pulaski - Fine Arts
Rick Muma (ex officio)

Faculty Chair Policy Review Taskforce   Back to top

Charge of the committee: (1) Eval. The current policy that requires a “ranked” faculty member to be a chair (2) does the chair policy need to clearly identify when/how a department can call for the review of a chair prior to the end of the term and (3) a review of college-specific chair policies in case there are multiple and/or conflicting policies.

Jeff Jarman - LAS Social Sciences and Chair
Ikram Ahmed - Engineering
Mehmet Barut - Business
Julie Scherz - Health Professions
Susan Sterrett - LAS Humanities
Bayrum Yildrim - Engineering

Revision of Gen Ed Committee   Back to top

Charge of the committee: Revising the general education program. (1/22/18)

Bill Hendry - LAS Natural Sciences and Chair
Kamran Rokhsaz - Engineering,
Bobby Berry - Applied Studies,
Susan Matveyeva - University Libraries,
Lisa Garcia - Health Professions,
Helen Hundley - LAS Humanities,
Aleks Sternfeld-Dunn - Fine Arts,
Atul Rai - Business,
Jeff Jarman - LAS Social Sciences,
Patricia Phillips - LAS Advising (ex officio),
Mandy Konecny - CHP Advising (ex officio),
Jessi Raburn - Honors Advising (ex officio),
Sally Fiscus - Registrar (ex officio),
SGA - Shelby Rowell,
Roy Myose - Honors College,
Admin Support: Maria Martino,

SPTE Review Committee   Back to top

Charge of the committee: Review usage of SPTE last spring, considering whether the instrument should be redesigned.

Bayram Yildirim - Engineering and Chair
Twyla Hill - LAS Social Sciences
Kirsten Johnson - Fine Arts
Jordon Cao - student
Achita Muthitacharoen - Business

Textbook Selection Guidelines Committee   Back to top

Charge of the committee: Drafting guidelines for faculty to take into account when making textbook selections in order to make a good faith effort at meeting accessibility standards.

John Jones - Director of MRC and Chair
Nils Hakansson - Engineering
Jeff Pulaski - Fine Arts
Mara Alagic - Applied Studies
George Dehner - LAS Humanities
Whitney Bailey - Applied Studies
Laura Prahm - Health Professions
Room for additional faculty to join this committe