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Diversity Committee    Back to top

Charge of the committee: Identify the need for a standing committee on faculty and curriculum diversity. Meanwhile, the committee will review Curriculum Change Forms for courses to receive the diversity designation. The chair of the committee will be appointed as a formal approver for the Registrar. The committee will identify issues and challenges related to faculty diversity that could or should be addressed by a faculty committee.

Cheyla Clawson - Fine Arts
Jody Fiorini - Applied Studies and Chair
Jim Granada - Applied Studies
Jean Griffith - LAS Humanities
Amy Ham - Health Professions
Rhonda Lewis - LAS Social Sciences
Gery Markova - Business and Chair
Susan Sterrett - Philosophy

Faculty Chair Policy Review Taskforce   Back to top

Charge of the committee: (1) Eval. The current policy that requires a “ranked” faculty member to be a chair (2) does the chair policy need to clearly identify when/how a department can call for the review of a chair prior to the end of the term and (3) a review of college-specific chair policies in case there are multiple and/or conflicting policies.

Jeff Jarman - LAS Social Sciences and Chair
Ikram Ahmed - Engineering
Mehmet Barut - Business
Julie Scherz - Health Professions
Susan Sterrett - LAS Humanities
Bayrum Yildrim - Engineering

Faculty Workload/Review Taskforce   Back to top

Charge of the committee: Review faulty review/workload policies-develop a plan for the review prior to the end of 2018 for KBOR.

Neal Allen - LAS Social Sciences
Rajiv Bagai - Engineering
Susan Bray - Applied Studies
Betty Smith-Campbell - Health Professions and Chair, Faculty Senate President
Cheyla Clawson - Fine Arts
Rachel Crane - University Libraries
John Hammond - LAS Natural Sciences
Paul Harrison - Business
Jeff Hayton - LAS Humanities
Dennis Livesay - Dean, Graduate School
Linda Moody - Health Professions
Jeff Pulaski - Fine Arts
Rick Muma (ex officio)

Revision of Gen Ed Committee   Back to top

Charge of the committee: Revising the general education program. (1/22/18)

Bill Hendry - LAS Natural Sciences and Chair
Kamran Rokhsaz - Engineering,
Bobby Berry - Applied Studies,
Susan Matveyeva - University Libraries,
Lisa Garcia - Health Professions,
Helen Hundley - LAS Humanities,
Aleks Sternfeld-Dunn - Fine Arts,
Atul Rai - Business,
Jeff Jarman - LAS Social Sciences,
Patricia Phillips - LAS Advising (ex officio),
Mandy Konecny - CHP Advising (ex officio),
Jessi Raburn - Honors Advising (ex officio),
Sally Fiscus - Registrar (ex officio),
SGA - Shelby Rowell,
Roy Myose - Honors College,
Admin Support: Maria Martino,

SPTE Review Committee   Back to top

Charge of the committee: Review usage of SPTE last spring, considering whether the instrument should be redesigned.

Bayram Yildirim - Engineering and Chair
Twyla Hill - LAS Social Sciences
Kirsten Johnson - Fine Arts
Jordon Cao - student
Achita Muthitacharoen - Business

Textbook Selection Guidelines Committee   Back to top

Charge of the committee: Drafting guidelines for faculty to take into account when making textbook selections in order to make a good faith effort at meeting accessibility standards.

John Jones - Director of MRC and Chair
Nils Hakansson - Engineering
Jeff Pulaski - Fine Arts
Mara Alagic - Applied Studies
George Dehner - LAS Humanities
Whitney Bailey - Applied Studies
Laura Prahm - Health Professions
Room for additional faculty to join this committe