Minutes of the Faculty Senate Meeting

Monday October 27, 2014

Members present: Baker, Bergman, Broks, Bryant, Celestin, Chang, Close, Decker, Dehner, Horn, Houseman, Huckstadt, Hull, Johnson, Klunder, Mason, Moore-Jansen, Mosack, Perry, Rillema, Rokosz, Shaw, Taher, Trechek, Walker, Yeager, Yildirim, Yu

Members absent: Adler, Ahmed, Hanawalt, Hunsicker, Lu, Ramanan, Ross, Thiessen, Woods, Yao

Members excused: Barut, Castro

Summary of Action:
Accepted Jean Brickell, to represent Health Professions on the UAEC and
Dan Bequillard. to represent Health Professions on the Academic Affairs Committee

I. Call to order:
Because President Barut was out of the country, Vice President Bayram Yildram called the meeting to order at 3:30 pm

II. Informal Statements and Proposals - none

III. Approval of the Minutes
The minutes of the meeting on September 22, 2014 - accepted as presented (with editorial correction noted)

IV. Updates

1. Discussion on Phased Retirement with Provost and Senior Vice President Tony Vizzini post-poned..
2. Panel on Campus Safety presented information regarding procedures in their areas of responsibility.
* Wade Robinson - VP for Student Engagement
He is chair of the University Behavioral Intervention Team ( UBIT) an interdiscilinary team that handles behavior issues across campus. He noted the distinction of how UBIT handles a threatrening situation (to themselves or to others) and a non-threatening situation handled by Student Conduct. The first step taken when an incident arises is to follow up with the reporter of the incident for more detail and clarification. The team then makes a threat assessment of mild, moderate, or servere. They look at next course of action, which includes a full range of options up to removal from the campus. During stressful times of the year, cases range from 3-5/week or more. So at any given time they may have 20 or so ongoing cases they are handling..

*Mandy Hambleton - Director Student Conduct and Community Standards - the new director dealing with issues of student conduct (non-threatening issue). She has noted an increase in marajuana usage in dorms (perhaps because RA's are better trained to notice). Her work is done with regard to Policy 8.05 Student Code of Conduct. She also has a range of actions that can be taken ranging from apologies or restitution, to expulsion. Academic misconduct is handled by faculty and Deans.

* Sara Morris - Chief of University Police
Chief Morris noted that the UPD is a fully commissioned law enforcement branch, present on campus 24/7, and works closely with the UBIT team and Mandy Hambleton. With regard to questions about how rape is handled by the UPD. She noted that the victim can choose to involve the WPD or UPD or neither. Student conduct may conduct a parallel investigation. When a rape is reported, the force determines whether the suspect is known and present on campus, or has not yet been identified or located. This determines whether an ongoing threat exists requiring a public warning to be issued. None of these reported incidents are secret. They are all noted in the daily crime log, --http://webs.wichita.edu/dt/police/dailycrimelog.asp -- but not all incidents require public notice to the community. There is no requirement regarding public notification of the outcome of investigations. RAs are often the first point of contact and are trained in responding appropriately. Contact is made with the Counseling center immediately along with Wade Robinson. Victims are encouraged to seek medical attention and subsequent counseling. "Preponderance of evidence" is a different standard than "beyond a doubt" in terms of determining guilt.
Chief Morris encouraged faculty to attend the Active shooter training sessions (available on UBITS webpage, -- http://webs.wichita.edu/?u=ubit&p=/index
** The Senate requested that Chief Morris report on the final disposition of the May 2013 case that the Sunflower reported was ongoing.

* Glendon Miller -Director Environmental Health and Safety
He reported that Emergency building coordinators (over 200 of them) have received instructions for emergency responses. Compliance by all staff and faculty is important when they give evacuation instructions for buildings. The EOC Emergency Operations Center activated during big events (ex Koch).
* George Dehner, a member of the Health Risk assessment team - noted that students are in the system and are screened when they arrive on campus (additional info on College of Health webpage -- http://www.wichita.edu/thisis/academics/chp/

V Committee Reports:
A. Rules Committee – Peer Moore-Jansen, chair
Motion to fill the vacant seat from Health Professions on the Academic Affairs Committee: Dan Bequillard. Approved.
Motion to fill the vacant seat from Health Professions on the University Admissions and Exceptions Committee: Jean Brickell. Approved.

There are a number of unfilled seats. Please send Peer your nominations:
• College of Health Professions on the Undergraduate Research Committee
• College of LAS/Humanities on the Undergraduate Research Committee
• College of LAS/Humanities on the Scholarship & Student Aid Committee
• College of LAS/Humanities on the Academic Affairs Committee
• College of Education on the Library committee
• College of Business on the General Education Committee
• College of LAS/Soc.Sci. on the General Education Committee
• College of Fine Arts on the Library committee
• College of Fine Arts on the Faculty Affairs Committee

Vice President Yuildirim noted that the next meeting scheduled for November 17th (Special Date on 3rd Monday of the month).
Agenda items include:
a. Update by President Bardo
b. Alternative Credentials – Panel discussion

Motion to adjourn at 4:20. Approved.