Minutes of the Wichita State University Faculty Senate

Monday, November 11, 2013
CH 126 3:30 pm

Members Present: Barut, Bergman, Brooks, Bryant, Castro, Celestin, Close, Decker, Hanawalt, Horn, Houseman, Kagdi, Klunder, Kreinath, Lewis, Matveyeva, Miller, Moore-Jansen, Mosack, Oare, Perry, Pile, Rillema,, Rokosz, Ross, Taher, Thiessen, Yeager, Yildirim,
Members Absent: Anderson, Hamdeh, Liu, Lu, Threchak
Members Excused: Baker, Driessen, Hull, Johnson, Yu

Summary of Action
1. Accepted Committee appointments to Faculty Senate Standing Committees (see Committee Reports, Rules)
2. Forwarded the report from the University Admissions and Exceptions Committee to Academic Affairs Committee

I. Call to Order
President Victoria Mosack called the meeting to order at 3:30pm

II. Informal Statements and Proposals
Senator Bob Ross informed the Senate that the Military and Veterans Center opened today in Lindquist Hall.
Senator Peer Moore-Jansen passed on the sad news that Bill Bischoff’s partner had died the previous Thursday.

III. Approval of the Minutes
An error in the minutes of September 23, 2013 was identified and the secretary agreed to correct the minutes. The corrected minutes were accepted. The October 28, 2013, minutes were accepted as written.

IV. President’s Report
President Mosack informed the Senate that the University’s Policy and Procedures had been modified to include the Post Tenure Review of Faculty (Nov. 1) and corrections to the text of Policy 17.01 (Nov. 5).
A question was raised from the floor by a representative from the Office of Academic Affairs as to who would be reviewed in AY 2014-15. In fact, the real question was how is this procedure initiated? The Senate should request a clarification of the process from the Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs and have this information added to the Academic Calendar.
President Mosack announced that the November 25 meeting of the Senate was postponed; a special session of the senate has been scheduled for December 2 for President Bardo to present his October report to the Kansas Legislature. All faculty members will be invited to attend the December 2 meeting of the Senate.
President Mosack announced that the plans for the Senate’s Holiday party had been finalized. This year’s event will take place in the All-American Club (Eck Stadium) from 3pm-5pm. Monday, December 9. All senators, Senate committee members, and other honor guests will receive invitations.

V. Committee Reports
Mehmet Barut, Chair of the Rules Committee, brought forward the following nominees from the Rules committee to fill vacancies on the 2013-14 Faculty Senate standing committees:
Faculty Affairs (LAS Humanities), Jay Mandt
Undergraduate Research (LAS Math/Natural Sciences), Dharam Chopra
Exceptions and Admissions (LAS Math/Natural Sciences), Mark Walsh
Library (LAS Math/Natural Sciences),Tianshi Lu
The Senate voted to approve all of the nominations.
Senator Barut appealed to all senators again to assist him in filling the following vacancies in the Senate:
Business Marketing 2015
LAS Humanities 2014
LAS Humanities 2015
LAS Social Sciences 2014
LAS Social Sciences 2015
as well as the following Senate Committee vacancies:
Academic Affairs -- Health Profession 2015
Library -- Education 2015
Undergraduate Research -- LAS Humanities 2015
Exceptions and Admissions -- Education 2016

VI. Old Business
Duplication of Hours- Academic Affairs Committee
Mary Walker, chair of the committee, presented the second reading of the proposal “Duplication of Hours between Multiple Majors and Minors” from the committee. Most concerns raised at the first reading were adequately defended or modified in this second reading. Senator Brooks moved to accept and Senator Lewis seconded. The motion carried.

VII. New Business
A. Honors Committee motion-- Larry Spurgeon, chair of the committee, presented the following motion from the committee:
“The Wichita State University Faculty Senate supports the creation of an Honors College.”
Much discussion followed. Senator Close stated that the motion was unnecessary since the Senate had already endorsed the concept of an Honors College while Senator Klunder was equally adamant that the motion was necessary since the term “concept” was used in the earlier vote. The issue of funding was raised again, with many being uncertain as to what would have to be sacrificed in order to fund the new college. After sufficient time for most views to be expressed, Senator Brooks told the Senate that the creation of an Honors College was a major part of the University’s new Strategic Plan. Senator Ross called the question. The motion carried. Another motion to require the use of paper ballots also passed. The motion from the Honors Committee carried by a vote of 21 for, to 5 against.
B. FERPA training update -- Gina Crabtree, WSU Registrar, reminded the Senate that all faculty and staff that require access to student records must undergo FERPA training, except those that have joined Wichita State after January 1, 2013. This can be done on-line by going to the Faculty/staff page of MyWSU. The deadline for compliance will be shortly after January 1, 2014.

VIII. As May Arise
Senator Close reminded all senators that the DSI competition was the Saturday and urged everyone to sign-up to assist.

IX. Adjournment
The meeting of the Faculty Senate was adjourned at 4:30pm.
Submitted by Walter Horn
Secretary of the Faculty Senate