Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes

Monday November 27, 2017

3:30 - 5:00 CH 126
Senators Present: Robert Ross, Judy Babnich, George Dehner, Jibo He, Jay Price, Nikki Keene Woods, Nick Solomey, Bayram Yildirim, Jeff Pulaski, Anil Mahapatro, Aleks Sternfeld-Dunn, Jens Kreinath, Abu Asaduzzaman, Betty Smith Campbell, Terence Decker, Frank Rokosz, Samuel Willis, Kirsten S. Johnson, James Schwartz, Brian Bolin, Susan Castro, Denise Celestin, Katie Cramer, Mehmet Barut, Marti Smith, Jolynn Dowling, Wendy Dusenbury, Jeffrey Jarman, Mary Liz Jameson.
Senators Excused: Betty Elder
Summary of Action
• Approved appointments of Patricia Dooley to UAEC member from Social Science and Li Yao as Senate member from Natural Sciences.
• Endorsed the “Non-Tenure Track Promotion Policy” as previously amended.
• Voted not to endorse “Corrective Action Policy”.

I. Call to Order – 3:30

II. Informal Statements and Proposals
III. Approval of the Minutes - Monday, November 13, 2017--= accepted

IV. Senate President's Report

The following topics were presented
• Review of the the senate executive committee’s interactions with visiting KBOR members from prior week. During their interactions, the executive committee updated KBOR on Uniscope adoption and non-tenure track promotion. KBOR members asked for suggestions about how to improve faculty retention.

• Senate members were reminded of the upcoming senate meeting dates of December 11 and January 22.

• WSU is now providing training for accessibility under My Courses>Continuing Ed> Foundations of Accessibility. Faculty are automatically enrolled staff can request to be enrolled. Grad students also have access to the training. WSU is required to offer this training, but faculty are not required to take the training at this time.

V. Committee Reports
i. Undergraduate Research committee - John Hammond
We have met physically once. We have exchanged emails to resolve most questions. Our committee's main charge is putting on the Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Forum in the spring. Things we have worked on this semester: - fundraising for the event (successful this semester) - modified timing of the event and location to increase foot traffic - additional categories, characterization of 'research', and awards - the timeline for publicizing, recruiting, etc going forward. Most action items occur after the holiday shutdown.

ii. Library committee - Keith Gray
The library committee met October 10, 2017; our next meeting is during finals week. Items of discussion and ongoing work include: 1. Preparation of student/faculty surveys involving accessibility of published research. 2. Development of methods tracking total usage of electronic library resources [e.g., .pdf]. 3. Raising faculty awareness of publisher price increases impacting our research collections. 4. Faculty Senate president invitation to committee meeting.
iii. Scholarship and Strudent Aid committee- Michael Imhof
Has not met. Was not invited to help with DSI this year because the Recruitment Faculty Fellows were invited to collaborate instead. Ex Comm is exploring whether the current charges for this committee need updating based on the movement of Financial Aid into the Academic Affairs Division.

iv. Rules Committee - Betty Smith Campbell – committee made two nominations.
Senator from Natural Sciences: Li Yao
Admissions / Exceptions from Social sciences: Patricia Dooley
A motion was made to accept these nominations and approved by verbal vote.
Rules Committee Report - We have met twice 9.8.17 and 10.13.17 (Nov. mtg. cancelled)
Scheduled meetings are the 2nd Friday of the Month from 8:15 to 9:15 am

Charges > actions
1. Recommend changes to the Senate rules and constitution to the Senate and update the rules and constitution to reflect changes passed by the Senate. > In process review of faculty policies 4.22 Performance related Dismissal, 4.23 (chronic low performance), 4.15 Post-Tenure Review for Faculty
2. Recommend changes to the bylaws of the University Faculty and updates the bylaws to reflect any changes made. > Goal to review prior to the end of the academic year.
3. Recommend to the Senate procedures and policies for the Senate elections. The Vice President of the Senate conducts the elections. > Goal to review Jan/Feb.
4. Recommend to the Senate changes to the Senate committee structure and changes in the procedures for appointing faculty, administrators, and staff to these committees, and nominate candidates for the committees to the Senate for its approval. In making nominations the committee is not restricted to nominations from Senate categories or committee preference forms, but should strive to create the strongest and most effective committees.
(APPROVED by Senate date)
Engineering for General Education (2018-2020) Kamran Rokhsaz (10.23.17)
Social Sciences Faculty Senator (2018-2019) Martha (Marti) Smith, J.D., Ph.D. (10.9.17)
CHP representative on the Scholarship committee Gina Riggs (9.25.17)
Planning and Budget committee Social Sciences Peer Moore-Jansen (9.25.17)
Faculty Senate Social Sciences LAS 2019 Social Sci. Jibo He (9.11.2017)
Faculty Senate Natural Sciences Prof. Thalia Jeffres of Math (2019) , (9.11.17
Education for Faculty Support -Michelle Adler (9.11.2017)
Health Professions for General Education -Amy Drassen Ham (9.11.2017)
Humanities for Rules Susan V. H. Castro (9.11.2017)
Health Professions for Faculty Affairs Ngoyi Bukonda (9.11.2017)
LAS Humanities Faculty Affairs T.J. Bolton (9.11.17)
Health Professions Faculty Support – Wendy Dusenbury (9.11.17)
5. Review and suggest changes in the Faculty Grievance Procedure and coordinate its implementation. > Not a goal this academic year – will review as needed
6. Interpret the Rules and Constitution of the Faculty Senate > As needed

v. Admissions and Exceptions – Rachel Crane
The UAEC met on 6 occasions from the beginning of FY18 (July – November, 2017). The Committee meets on the 3rd Thursday of the month and with an additional meeting in August to handle a potentially larger number of petitions. Meetings are generally 2hours in length.

Issues discussed:
· Insufficient information provided on college agendas (there have been some turnovers in college representatives)
· Readmission petitions from students lacking in standard admissions requirements and improperly advised or lacking in proper advisement
· Missing a faculty committee member from LAS Social Sciences (vacancy from fall 2016)

Petitions reviewed by the UAEC (July-November, 2017):

Readmission Late Withdrawal Late Add Exceptions Change of Grade
July 42 +3D +1T 20 +3D +1T (3 +1T-MW) 1 4 +2D
August 71 +1D 22 +1D (8 +1D-MW) 2 7 +1D
September 14 +1T 7 +1D +1T (2MW) 2 5
October 6 +1D 7 (3 MW) -- 6 +1D +1T
November 7 + 1D 9 +1D (3MW) -- 5 +1D +1T
Totall 140 +6D +2T 65 +6D +2T (19 +1D +1T - MW) 5 27 +5D +2T 0

**College Only, denied petition
Note: the Committee heard no petitions for a ‘Change of Grade’ or for ‘Academic Forgiveness.’ These cases are only brought to a hearing of the meeting when they do not meet the catalog requirements and/or the rules and regulations of WSU. They are normally considered by the Committee to be ‘pre-approved.’

Additionally, while it has not been a point of discussion for the committee, it has been observed that a larger than anticipated number of students have submitted petitions to “Allow American Sign Language to fulfill the foreign language requirement for graduation.” All 51, petitions have been granted through LAS. Such a high number for such a specific request may be interpreted to mean that such a substitution in graduation requirements is no longer viewed as an exception in the College of LAS. Perhaps the College of LAS may wish to review the process relating to this exception?
vii. Court of Appeals – Kirsten Johnson
The Court met three times in the Fall 2017, hearing one case in September and two cases in October.
The Chair communicates to the committee as needed when cases are presented to the Court. We tend to have our hearings on Fridays at various times. This has been the best day to meet due to classes and other commitments of the members. I communicated many times with Rheanna Pierce, who is the Student Advocate with the Student Government Association. She is wanting to be very involved with the students involved in court hearings.
viii. General Education Committee – Kathy Delker
Our standing meeting times are the second and fourth Mondays from 12:30-2:00
Issues being discussed:
○ First-Year Seminar
○ Updating list of Gen Ed Cmte responsibilities on the Faculty Senate Standing Committee’s webpage
○ Asking Registrar’s Office about Gen Ed courses that have not been taught for a “long” time and probably won’t be taught in the near future
○ College of Fine Arts request for exemption from stipulation that courses in a student’s major department cannot count toward fulfilling Gen Ed requirements
○ College of Engineering request that a reduction in credit hours to the Gen Ed requirements be considered over this academic year
■ Finding out what would be involved in a review of the entire Gen Ed Program
○ “Math Pathway” request
○ Asking academic department chairs to review the syllabi of their Gen Ed courses that are being taught this semester to make sure they still support Gen Ed Goals
Total of 4 gen.ed proposals considered
ix. Faculty Affairs Committee – Pina Mozzani
Fall 2017: Meeting time Tuesday 12:30 – 1:50
Fall semester: meetings two to three times a month, last Spring was more often.

1. Incorporation of the Uniscope Model into the WSU University FAR
2. KBOR/WSU Social Media Policy
3. 120 credit hour push from KBOR, and WSU General Education requirements.
4. Introduction of new members, determination of a meeting time that would work for all

Spring of 2018:
We are planning to meet twice a month, depending on the Senate charges.
Our new time will be Tuesdays at 2:30, to accommodate one of our new member

VI. Ad Hoc committee Reports
o Academic Honesty Committee - Dennis Livesay
 Has met several times, is finalizing new process to be vetted by Senate, Graduate Council, Council of Deans.
o Timekeeping Committee - Janice Ewing (faculty rep)
 Has received 8 proposals, will be bringing 2 companies onto campus after Thanksgiving to give presentations of their products.
o SPTE Committee - Bayram Yildirim
 wrapping up their work and making a recommendation shortly
o Faculty Compensation committee
• Faculty compensation committee - Carolyn Shaw, Jodie Hertzog, Gery Markova (faculty reps)
Reviewed salary data comparing WSU with 400 other institutions. Data was broken out in various ways and is available on the Faculty Senate web site. The committee is in the process of evaluating internal data across disciplines at WSU.

VII. New Business
i. Molly Gordon – Accessibility Committee

Reviewed the ongoing progress of the accessibility committee and agreement made with NFB to make classes accessible to all students. Described the two-part Ability Ally training that is occurring and available in person or online. First part of training will take about two hours to complete and is mandatory. Second part (Foundations of Accessibility) provides guidelines and serves as a reference guide/resource and is not required at this time, though certain parts may become required. Pointed out that people can earn a digital credential by working through all material. The guidelines are covered in sections 8.10 and 8.11 of Policy and Procedure.
The Accessibility Committee meets on the second Tuesdays at 1:30 in RSC. Contact Molly Gordon for details. The University recently completed an audit on technology that is being used (EIT audit) and are working on corrective action strategy. Making minor changes to Panopto as part of corrective action. There is a planned award for outstanding accessibility allies.

VIII. Old Business
i. Non-Tenure track promotion policy (2nd reading)– a motion was made to adopt this policy with the changes that were discussed previously. Motion passed unanimously.

ii. Coaching and corrective action–USS and UP senate have approved these policies. Concerns continued to be raised by senate members about the wording under “involuntary separation” regarding “immediate separation” if “charged with and/or convicted of a criminal offense.” After lengthy discussion regarding concerns about employees charged with a crime being dismissed before being proven guilty a vote was taken and the faculty voted to not endorse this policy as amended.

iii. Investigative Leave and Separation of employment – Faculty have been removed from the scope.

iv. Social Media - New policy will apply to non-faculty and previous version of 3.48 will apply to faculty.
IX. As May Arise
Adjourned 4:44
Respectfully submited

Doug English, Secretary