Minutes of the Wichita State University Faculty Senate
Monday, 3:30 pm, February 11, 2013; CH 126

Members Present: Barut, Bergman, Besthorn, Bryant, Celestin, Close, Decker, DeSilva, Driessen, Hamdeh, Horn, Hull, Jacobs, Johnson, Kagdi, Klunder, Kreinath, Lewis, Matveyeva, Miller, Mosack, Oare, Pulaski, Rillema, Rokosz, Ross, Smith, Solomey, Yildirim
Members Absent: Alexander, Anderson, Brooks, Liu, Lu, Moore-Jansen, Mukeerjee, Toops
Members Excused: Baker, Yeager
Summary of Action

I. Call to Order
President Bob Ross called the meeting to order at 3:34 pm

II. Informal Statements and Proposals
A. WSU Foundation Annual Fund – President Ross introduced Krista Voth, Annual Fund Director of the WSU Foundation, to inform the Senate about this year’s campaign. The “I ♥ Campaign” is underway. Brochures will be in the mail soon with details. Voth emphasized the fact that 100% of a person’s contribution can be designated for a specific area on campus. Last year 24% of the faculty and staff contributed to the Annual Fund. Voth distributed the Faculty and Staff Gift Form and encouraged members of the Senate to contribute and to pass the word on to their colleagues.
B. Campus Read Initiative – President Ross then recognized Lyston Skerritt, Coordinator of Student Organizations and Civic Engagement, who spoke about the “Campus Read Initiative” coordinated by his office. This is an interdisciplinary effort to encourage student critical thinking and reflection, promote student and faculty interaction, and connect the students with their community through service learning activities. Two “books in common” have been chosen for the fall 2013 program. Flyers containing program goals and learning outcomes were distributed at the meeting.

III. Approval of the Minutes: – Minutes of the January 28, 2013, meeting of the Faculty Senate were approved with no dissent. http://webs.wichita.edu/?u=facultysenate&p=/m12813/

IV. President’s Report: President Ross reported on the following recent activities:
A. VPAA Search: There has been significant progress on the VPAA search since our last meeting. The search committee developed a list of five finalists to be invited for “airport interviews”. These interviews were conducted on February 9th and 10th. Three of the five were chose for on-campus interviews. Two of the three will be on campus February 19 and 21 and they will meet with members of the Senate from 1-2 pm in 209 Hubbard Hall.
The third candidate was invited to visit the campus on February 20, but he had not responded by the time of the Senate meeting.
The first two candidates are: Dr. Dennis Depew, Dean Emeritus and interim Director of GPRI at Purdue University (on campus February 19) and Dr. Anthony Vizzini, Professor and Dean College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Western Michigan University (on campus February 21). (Subsequent to the Senate meeting the third candidate, Dr. John Koropchak, vice chancellor for research and graduate dean at Southern Illinois University, agree to visit the campus February 20)
There will be an opportunity for the Senate and the campus as a whole to provide input to the Search Committee.
B. Policy regarding a Faculty Ombudsperson: A proposal to create the position of a faculty ombudsperson was generated by the Senate several years ago. For a variety of reasons that policy has never been enacted. The principal author, Larry Spurgeon, provided a copy of the correspondence files regarding this issue to President Ross, and President Ross agreed to update the Senate on the proposal as soon as practicable.
C. The revisions for Faculty Policy Section 4.13 (tenure policy) and 4.14 (probationary period) have been accepted by the President, and are now a part of WSU Policies and Procedures.
D. The Senate Faculty Affairs Committee is moving aggressively toward developing a draft of a policy regarding Post Tenure Review.
E. President Ross encouraged senators to persuade their colleagues to take an active role in self governance by becoming involved in the Senate. Interim Provost, Keith Pickus, has met frequently with the Senate Executive Committee to gain input and provide guidance on issues that relate to our work. A portion of the job description for the new VPAA position is for that individual to be a liaison for the Faculty Senate. The Senate can define the scope of the role that it will play in issues relating to the Faculty. This requires an involved, active group.
F. Unless an urgent issue surfaces, there is a strong possibility that the Senate will not meet again until March 11th, due to the VPAA Search Process,

V. Committee Reports:
Rules Committee - Victoria Mosack, Chair of the Rules Committee, proposed several revisions to the Grievance Policy (attached to meeting notice and distributed at the meeting). Suggested modifications to several lines of the current policy were proposed by the Rules Committee. Each suggested change was considered and voted on separately by the Senate. The revised policy was then returned to the Rules Committee for their concurrence, and the document will be returned to the Senate for the second reading and vote.
Doris Chang, Associate Professor of Women’s Studies, was nominated for the Humanities representative on the Academic Affairs Committee. The Senate voted to confirm the nomination with no dissenting votes.

VI. Old Business: None

VII. New Business: Requirement that students complete the required Basic Skills courses in the first 24 hours of enrollment (brought to the Senate for discussion by the Office of Academic Affairs) was postponed until a future meeting.

VIII. As May Arise – None

IX. Adjournment - The meeting of the Faculty Senate was adjourned at 4:45 pm.
Submitted by Walter Horn
Secretary of the Faculty Senate