Minutes of the Faculty Senate Meeting --Monday February 23, 2015

Members Present: Ahmed, Barut, Bergman, Brooks, Bryant, Celestin, Decker, Hanawalt, Horn, Huckstadt, Hull,l Hunsicker, Jin,Klunder, Lu, Mason, Moore-Jansen, Mosack, Muthitachareon, Perry, Rokosz, Ross, Shaw, Wooks, Yeager, Yildirim
Members absent: Adler, Castro, Chand, Dehner, Houseman, Johnson, Ramanan, Taher, Thiessen, Trechak, Yao, Yu
Members excused: Baker, Close, Rillema, Walker

I. Call to Order: President Mehmet Barut called the meeting to order at 3:30 pm

II. Informal Statements and Proposals - none

III. Approval of the Minutes: Monday, February 9, 2015. Approved.

IV. President's Report
• KBOR - Update from the Council of Faculty Senate Presidents: . At their last meeting they discussed online teaching practices and exchanged of information on how essential institutional support is for development and delivery of quality online and hybrid courses. They expressed support for a policy on annual and multiyear appointments for non tenure track faculty, and creation of professional titles for these positions. They are looking forward to more discussion on how to keep campuses safe as the Regents continue to consider next steps with State's concealed weapons policy.

* Reminder that Senator at large nominations deadline is Feb 24.
* Senators still need to volunteer for standing committees within Senate.

V. Committee Reports:
A. Rules Committee, Peer Moore-Jansen, Chair, nominated David Hunsicker to represent the College of Fine Arts on the Library Committee. Nomination accepted.

VI. Updates:

A. WSU Foundation --- Elizabeth King, President and CEO
* Story of alumnus who recalled the impactful relationships he had with faculty during his time at WSU. Faculty have powerful day to day influences on students. Faculty are encouraged to stay in touch with our alumni.
* 50 year history of the Foundation. 40 employees. 18 Board Members. 104 National Advisory Council Members. Currently in growth mode with a plan to get to 56 employees to be engaged at the desired level.
* Core values: Integrity, relationships, teamwork, service.
* $260 million in Foundation assets. 2,350 separate endowed funds.
* $32 million in funds raised in 2014 (includes 2.1 million in planned gifts). $611,700 in the annual fund campaign for 2014. 13,770 total donors.
* 2,580 students received scholarships. 23 endowed professors, 12 endowed chairs, 17 faculty fellows.

** Currently in the midst of a capital campaign. Goal of $200 million over 7 years. Based on external analysis by team of consultants. Priorities: Facilities $52 million, $85 million for student support, $39 for faculty support, $15 million experiential learning labs.

B. SGA Resolution on Tobacco Free Initiative -- Matthew Conklin, President
* The trend has been growing in the US. for smoke free, tobacco free, and e-cig free campuses.
* $25,000 grant awarded by Kansas Health Foundation to explore and research WSU becoming tobacco free.
* Student Survey (n=557) 64% in support, 20% against, 14% indifferent.
* Focus group study, photo voice project (what would we lose if we became tobacco free? second hand smoke, litter, safety concerns, etc).
* They are seeking endorsement from each Senate on campus before presenting these to President Bardo for a policy change decision.
* On other tobacco free campuses, with clear signage, there has been very little need for formal enforcement. Early on student volunteers passed out cards with info that it is a tobacco free campus.
* Suggestion that this go hand in hand with smoking cessation classes.

VII. As May Arise
* Forums on the Masters of Innovation Design to be held: March 9 and March 10: 12:30 - 2:00
* Application for Online Faculty Fellows: March 1

VIII. Adjournment: The meeting was adjoued at 4:30 pm