Faculty Senate Minutes

Monday, February 8, 2016

Clinton Hall 126 3:30PM-5:00PM

Senators Present:Barut, Babnich, Bergman, Bryant, Castro, Celestin, Chand, Chang, Close, Decker, Dehner, Ewing, Hendry, Huckstadt, Hull, Johnson, Moore-Jansen, Musack, Muthiachareon, Myose, Palmer, Ramanan, Rillema, Ross, Shaw, Shukaev, Solomey, Woods, Yildirim

Senators Absent: Adler, Ahmed, Birzer, Chopra, Deibel, Huaghes, Hunsicker, Jin, Lu, Yao

Senators Excused: Brooks, Cramer, Rokosz, Wlaker

I. Call to Order - Meeting called to order at 3:30PM by President Moore-Jansen

II. Informal Statements and Proposals: None

III. Approval of the Minutes
a. Minutes of the December 7, 2015 meeting were accepted as presented

IV. Updates: see President’s Report

V. President Bardo address to the Senate: He provided the following information prior to responding to faculty questions.
a. Salaries – The assumption last year was there would be money for salary increases; however, enrollment decreased and the Legislature placed a 3.6% limit on tuition increases. President Bardo stated he is looking into what needs to be done to regularize salary increases. There is a need for increased enrollment as enrollment is a source of revenue the university has control over. President Bardo apologized for not doing a better job of sharing this information last spring.

b. WSU/WATC - The possible amalgamation of WSU and WATC is moving into the formal process of engaging in discussions with the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). No decisions have been made beyond moving forward with engaging HLC. A bill is being introduced into the Legislature to approve the amalgamation, but it would not go into effect until HLC has given its approval.

President Bardo responded during the Q&A session
• Question about to sports and enrollment
o Better students make a college decision earlier and freshmen make the decision to stay within the first 6 weeks
o Enrollment is one of the biggest drivers regarding the addition of football
• Question about increased enrollment and subsequent increased demand on faculty/staff
o Current WSU student-faculty ratio 18 to 1, peer institutions 20 to 1
o Some programs are oversubscribed and some are undersubscribed - this needs to be evened out
o There is a need to rationalize our budgets
• Question about the rationalization process
o Begin the process by looking at the 8 peer institutions
o Examine how we are expending funds
o Look at alternative ways to expend funds
o Determine if what we are doing is rational and reasonable
• Question about how financial priorities are set
o WSU is under an obligation to expand the engineering program
o President Bardo allocates a block of funds to divisions and divisions allocate the funds
o Divisions set the priorities, with the exception of what the university is required to do
• Concern about the impact increased tuition will have on enrollment
o The number of students admitted from Sedgwick county is up
o Looking at building a parking garage and using parking fee money to partly fund it
o President Bardo will ask for the Dallas-Fort Worth area to be considered in state for tuition purposes
• Question about faculty involvement in WSU-WATC
o In the informal process stage to determine where to bring people together for conversations
o HLC will require all to be at the table

President Bardo concluded his address to the Senate by stating that we need to “find a model that allows the core essence of who we are and what we value, but adapts to the world of where we are now and where higher education is going.”

Additional questions for President Bardo should be sent to President Moore-Jansen or Bobbi Dreiling, Faculty Senate Administrative Assistant

VI. President’s Report
a. Announcements
a. Office of Diversity and Inclusion – Dr. Tim Wise – Wednesday, February 17th at 6:30PM at the Metropolitan Complex, “Black Lives Matter vs. All Lives Matter & White Privilege” tickets for faculty and students are free
b. Department of History – Dr. Rebecca Miller Davis – Thursday, March 3rd, “Dixiecrats, Dissenting Delegates, and the Dying Democratic Party”
c. Committee openings – If you are interested in serving on a committee, send your committee preference to Bobbi Dreiling, by Thursday, February 11th
d. Process for electing Senators for the 2016-2017 academic year will begin soon, look for an e-mail from Bobbi Dreiling
b. Concealed carry – President Moore-Jansen shared the results of the two surveys (WSU and KBOR Institutions). The Committee of Faculty Senate Presidents (CoFSP) will continue to use the government liaisons at each institution to mediate faculty concerns.

VII. Committee Reports: None

VIII. Old Business: None

IX. New Business – Rick Muma, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs distributed the new syllabus template and discussed the following
a. The HLC visit will take place in October 2016.
b. Site visitors will randomly select course syllabi to review.
c. The syllabus template has several required items, and there are five critical areas - academic honesty, course description, credit hour definition, measurable leaning outcomes, and topics with course assignments corresponding to the outcomes.
d. Dr. Muma would like syllabi updated by the end of the semester and every course required for the major (undergraduate and graduate) should have an updated syllabus. For special topics, seminar courses, dissertation and thesis courses one common syllabus is acceptable. Courses with multiple sections should have a common syllabus for the content.
e. 500 and 600 level courses must have separate learner outcomes for graduate students and undergraduate students

New syllabus requirements can be found at: http://webs.wichita.edu/?u=academicaffairs&p=/facultydevelopment/:

X. As May Arise – none

XI. Adjournment – at 5:01 PM