Faculty Senate Minutes

Monday, March 28, 2016

Clinton Hall 126, 3:30PM-5:00PM

Senators Present: Barut, Birzer, Brooks, Bryant, Castro, Celestin, Chand, Close, Cramer, Decker, Dehner, Ewing, Huckstadt, Hull, Johnson, Lu, Moore-Jnsen, Muthiacaren, Myose, Rokosz, Ross, Walker, Woods, Yildirim

Senators Absent: Adler, Ahmed, Babnich, Beergman, Chang, Chopra, Deibelk, Hendry, Huaghes, hunsicker, Jin, Palmer, Ramanan, Rillema, Shukaev, Soloimey, Yao

Senators Excused: Mosack, Shaw

Summary of Action:
A. Accepted the following committee appointments:
UAEC – John Perry, (Business)
Faculty Affairs – Ariel Loftus (Humanities)
Rules – Danny Bergman (Education)
General Education – Steve Oare (Fine Arts)
Scholarship – Justine Sasanfar (Fine Arts).

I. Call to Order – Meeting called to order at 3:32 PM by President Moore-Jansen

II. Informal Statements and Proposals – Senator Brooks asked for senate feedback on a policy being proposed in his department which would restrict the department chair from serving on a search committee if there were enough faculty available to serve. After discussion and feedback the general consensus was that it was appropriate for the department to develop a policy.

III. Approval of Minutes
a. Minutes of the March 7, 2016 meeting were accepted as presented

IV. New Business
a. David Moses (University Counsel), Chair of Weapons Possession Policy Committee - The university has established a weapons policy committee made up of the members of the crisis management committee and others (President Moore-Jansen represents the faculty on the committee) to ensure that every part of the university has a representative on the committee. KBOR has developed a policy but has mandated that each institution develop its own policy. The committee is attempting to come up with a fair policy that meets the requirements of the law and provides a balance for all the groups involved. The committee hopes to have the policy developed by mid-fall. Faculty are encouraged to look at the KBOR policy: http://www.kansasregents.org/about/policies-by-laws-missions/board_policy_manual_2/chapter_ii_governance_state_universities_2/chapter_ii_full_text#weapons
Question and Response session focused on the following:
• How to broach the subject with students
• Placing the policy on the syllabus
• Need and opportunity for trainings (concealed carry, active shooter) and workshops- and if any should be mandated
• Forums for continued discussion
• Adequate Security Measures – buildings versus parts of building, key card,
• Uniformity across campuses
President Moore-Jansen reminded senators to discuss the issue and raise questions with their colleagues in their departments.

b. Sarah Morris (WSU Police Chief), Active Shooter Training – Postponed to 4/11/16
c. Foundation Update - Elizabeth King, President – Postponed to 4/11/16

V. Updates
a. Dr. Jay Price reported that on March 10th Helen Hundley (Assistant Professor in History) was struck by a car while crossing Perimeter Road. She suffered several fractures and currently is in rehabilitation. Anyone interested in sending a card or chocolates should contact Dr. Price for an address. Do not send flowers as she is allergic.
Following this update there was a brief discussion related to safety on campus: the need for speed bumps, having emergency contact information on file in HR and the need for more handicapped spaces for individuals.

VI. President’s Report – Postponed to 4/11/16

VII. Committee Reports
a. Rules Committee, Bayram Yildirim, Chair – presented the following committee nominations: UAEC – John Perry, (Business); Faculty Affairs – Ariel Loftus (Humanities), Rules – Danny Bergman (Education); General Education – Steve Oare (Fine Arts) and Scholarship – Justine Sasanfar (Fine Arts). Senators were accepted.

VIII. Old Business – None

IX. Update
a. President Moore-Jansen asked Provost Vizzini to address the budget. Dr. Vizzini stated the top priority is to avoid furloughs and layoffs. As a first action, SRO accounts will be swept by 50%. State revenues are likely to fall short in April and May and the state budget is set in stone in some areas but not in all. The administration is working on the rescission of 2.2 million as well as planning for fiscal 2017 with 3% less.
Question and Response session followed:
i. Question – Would it be possible for a faculty member to do an unpaid leave – for example a visiting professor position elsewhere? Response: This would be a Dean resource discussion
ii. Question – Has the legislature suggested places where cuts might occur? Response: No
iii. Question – Can student fees and/or tuition be raised? Response: There is a current 2.1% cap on tuition, do not know if fees will be capped.
iv. Question – Is it possible for alumni association to give money? Response: Currently association breaking even and not sure it would help.
v. Question – What about the 27th pay period question? Response: We are obligated for 27 pay periods in 2017, the question of how it will be covered is still being asked.
vi. Question – Is it feasible to float a city wide bond to support Wichita State? Response: We benefit from the mill levy tax and there could be an increase in millage. We do benefit from the city and county.
Dr. Vizzini pointed out that we are good stewards of the monies we receive; however we will either need to increase revenue streams or reduce costs.

X. As May Arise – None

XI. Adjournment – at 4:51PM