Faculty Senate Minutes

Monday, March 7, 2016

Clinton Hall 126 3:30PM-5:00PM

Senators Present: Ahmed, Babnich, Barut, Birzer, Bryant, Celestin, Close, Decker, Dehner, Deibel. Ewing, Huckstadt, Jin, Moore-Jansen, Mosack Myose, Rillema, Rokosz, Shaw, Shukaev, Woods, Yao, Yildirim

Senators Absent: Adler, Castro, Chand, Chang, Chopra, Hendry, Hughes, Hunsicker, Johnson, Lu, Muthiacharejon, Palmer, Solmey.,

Senators Excused: Brooks, Cramer, Hull, Ross, Walker,

Summary of Action:
1. Accepted the following Senate Standing Committe members:
Education--- Aaron Rife, General Education & Janice Ewing, Undergraduate Research; Engineering -- Ramazan Asmatulu, Academic Affairs, Deepak Gupta, Faculty Affaris & Shuang Gu, Undergraduate Research;Scholarship & Student Aid' Health Professions -- Betty Smith-Campbell, Faculty Support, Elailne Steinke, Library & KIathy Strattman, Rules; LAS Humanities -- Jeffy Hayton, Alt, Court of Academic Appeals & Brigitte Roussel, UAEC(appt ends 2017); LAS Math -- Keith Gray, Lilbrary; LAS Social Sciences -- Dan Close , full, Court of Academic Appeals & Fred Besthorn, Faculty Affairs; University Libraries -- Rachel Crane, UAEC

I. Call to Order – President Moore-Jansen called the faculty senate to order at 3:33PM

II. Informal Statements and Proposals None

III. Approval of the minutes
a. Minutes of the February 8, 2016 meeting were accepted as presented

IV. Updates: Innovation campus partnership – press conference been postponed and faculty will receive an update

V. President’s Report – At the last Council of Faculty Senate Presidents (CoFSP) meeting the following items were discussed:

a. Weapons issue;
b. Establishment of meetings with the Council of Government Relations Officers;
c. Faculty involvement (input/participation) in course transfer and articulation and cut scores (KBOR is requesting uniformity across institutions).

Senators were encouraged to review the e-mail sent by President Moore-Jansen and to provide comments and feedback. Faculty need to continue to be involved in the curriculum and President Moore-Jansen suggested that there be broader faculty representation on the Transfer and Articulation Agreement Council.

VI. Committee Reports
a. Senator Shaw, Vice President in charge of Elections - Repoprted that Nikki Keene Woods (College of Health Professions) and Mehmet Barut (College of Business) were elected At Large Senators and , College of Education – Aaron Rife, and College of Fine Arts – Jeff Pulaski were elected their College At Large Senators. Departmental election nominations will be coming soon.

b. Senator Yildirim:, Rules Committee Chair presented names of the new appointments for Senate Confirmantion – See Summary of Action

VII. Old Business

a. Provost Vizzini shared the following information regarding the proposed WSU/WATC merger and responded to faculty members’ questions:
i. Senate Bill 451 which would allow for mergers;
ii. HLC approval would be required and HLC will not approve unless WSU faculty and staff and WATC faculty and staff agree;
iii. A key to the merger moving forward would be that all funding stay the same (revenue neutral)
iv. Question related to the loss of $2.1 million dollars –Response - the merger discussion will take place within 2 to 3 years and does not impact the return of funds this fiscal year;
v. Question whether WSU is redefining itself – Response – there is not language that speaks to redefining ourselves, it (the Senate Bill) does define WATC as a School of Technology and Applied Sciences (STAS)
vi. Question related to general education – Response – currently we accept general education courses from WATC as well as community colleges, open access will be maintained – there is currently a process in place and can we improve upon that;
vii. The focus is on being one institution/one organization, with an educational model from GED to Ph.D.;
viii. Question regarding the implication of WATC being a School – Response – school and college are used interchangeably the head of a college is typically a Dean with a Ph.D., the head of a school would be a director – which allows the institution flexibility;
ix. Question regarding transcripts – Response – transcripts would say WSU;
x. Question regarding the need to do this – Response – the nature of universities is changing and across the country universities are being downsized, we need to differentiate ourselves. Applied learning and being the economic driver - innovative, flexible education from high school and beyond in a seamless fashion – redesign and reform to make ourselves essential, opportunity to be a model for others;
xi. Question related to tuition – Response – from a student’s perspective WATC would have some limit in capacity, most of our students choose to take classes at WSU, students look at cost as a factor but it is not a decisive factor and the current patterns are expected to remain;
xii. Question related to department control of faculty – Response – WATC faculty will move into the department no one is going to lose their job.

President Moore-Jansen encouraged faculty to continue the discussion with colleagues in departments and colleges.

b. Update (see attachment) – Senator Mosack, Chair of the President’s WSU/WATC Committee, posted the committee document. Senators were encouraged to read the document and respond to it. Send comments and feedback to Senator Mosack or President Moore-Jansen.

c. Crisis Management/Weapons Possession Policy Committee (Chair

: David Moses/University Counsel, Members: Abbey, E; Bibb, S; Childers, C; Depontier, W; Heldman, L; Herrin, M; Johnston, M; Miller, G; Moore-Jansen, P; Morrill, B; Morris, S; Pittman, B; Salters, S; Sexton, E; SGA President; Provost Vizzini, A (Recommend Marc Porcaro/UP Senate). The committee will present at the March 28, 2016 meeting.

i. Senators were asked to begin identifying issues in their departments.

d. Short term objectives – Will be discussed at a later time

e. Long term objectives – Will be discussed at a later time

VIII. New Business
a. Gayle Veldtman
i. Transfer and Articulation Process & Cut Scores - KBOR is looking at advanced placement and CLEP Exams. Scores are periodically reviewed and some states are trying to standardize scores among the state schools. The CoFSP is proposing that the highest scores be used. Departments would get all the scores for all the universities. A clearer comparison chart is being developed.

Comments regarding Cut Scores, WATC, and Weapons are encouraged and welcome and should be sent to President Moore-Janson or Administrative Assistant Bobbi Dreiling.

IX. As May Arise
a. Senator Dehner reminded senate members that the AAUP spring meeting will take place in Friday, March 25th in the RSC Harvest Room from 3:00PM-5:00PM. Topics for discussion include conceal carry, faculty tenure, union or not. The meeting is open to all faculty.

X. Adjournment - at 4:57PM