Minutes of the Faculty Senate Meeting

April 13, 2015 3:30 pm

Members Present: Ahmed, Barut, Bergman, Bryant, Castro, Chang, Decker, Dehner, Horn, Huckstadt, Hull, Jin, Johnson, Klunder, Mason, Moore-Jansen, Mosack, Muthitachareon, Perry, Rokosz, Ross, Shaw, Walker, Yao, Yeager, Yildirim

Members Absent: Adler, Hanawalt, Houseman, Hughes, Hunsicker, Lu, Ramanan, Taher, Thiessen, Trechek, Woods, Yu

Members Excused: Baker, Brooks, Celestin, Close, Rillema

Summary of Action:
1. Accepted Faculty Senate Standing Committee Appointments (see Committee Reports)
2. Endorsed the WSU Tabacco Free Campus Resolution

1. Call to order: President Mehmet Barut called the meeting to order @ 3:30 pm.

2. Informal Statements and Proposals. None.

3. Approval of the Minutes: March 23, 2015. Approved presented.

4. Committee Reports
a. Rules Committee, Peer Moore-Jansen, Chair presented the following nominees for appointment to the Faculty Senate Standing Committees:

Academic Affairs Jeri Carroll
  Jeff Pulaski
  BJ Lehecka
Court of Academic Appeals Kirsten Johnson -- full
  Rajiv Bagai -- alternate
Faculty Affairs Mehmet Barut
  Lorraine Madway
Faculty Support Frank Rokosz
  Travis Bruce
  Gerald Scholl
General Education Cathy Moore-Jansen
  Mary Koehn
  Sue Abdinnour
Rules Chris Brooks
  Dharam Chopra
Scholarship & Student Aid Rich Bomgardner
  Barbara Morrison
Undergraduate Research Shonn Haren
  John Hammond
UAEC Amy Chesser
  Katie Mason

* Motion to accept list of nominees as presented. Approved.

5. WSU Tobacco Free Campus Resolution: (2nd reading & vote)
* Motion "To support and commend the efforts of Tobacco Free Wu and Me to make Wichita State University a tobacco-free campus." Approved unanimously.

6. WSU Social Media Implementation Policy: First Reading
* A majority of this document was drafted by Victoria Mosack and Bob Ross on behalf of the faculty senate. The first paragraph was taken from documents drafted by Emporia State and KU.
* Concern was expressed with the wording first paragraph about the President or President's delegate determining whether situation is in compliance with the 1st Amendment. Only a US court can legally make such a determination.
• Comment made that it would be desirable to include a statement that 'nothing in this policy will abridge 1st amendment rights'.
• Request that copies of KU and other institutions' documents be posted on Bb for Faculty Senate review.

7. Updates:
a. Kognito Overview – At-Risk for College students/faculty Training
Maureen Dasey-Morales - Counseling Center.
* WSU has received a 3 year $300,000 suicide prevention grant. It will include gatekeeper training - looking for warning signs and learning how to report. The training is Avatar based - computer training that can be taken on demand in 5-7 minute segments. Estimated total of about 45 minutes.
• They will also be developing a campus crisis protocol
• The initial goal to get 2 people in every department to be trained. The link will be available to any faculty /staff who want to get trained.
* National average of 10% of students who have seriously considered suicide in the last 12 months.

* 80% of people who need assistance don't seek help at counseling or medical services.
* National average: 2% of freshmen have attempted suicide.
* It is important to recognize that profiles of suicidal students vary considerably.

8. Adjournment @ 4:10 pm