Minutes of the Wichita State University Faculty Senate
Monday, April 23, 2012
CH 126 3:30 pm

Members Present: Adler, Barut, Besthorn, Bolin, Be3eson, Bryant, Celestin, Decker, deSilva, DiLollo, Driessen, Gibson, Hemans, Horn, Hull, Jacobs, Jeffres, Klunder, Kumar, Lewis, Matveyeva, Miller, Moore-Jansen, Mosack, Pulaski, Rokosz, Ross, Skinner, M. Smith, Solomey, Yeager

Members Absent: Carruthers, Henry, Mandt, Mukeerjee, Russell, P. Smith, Thompson, Toops, Yildirim

Members Excused: Close, Johnson, Rillema

Summary of Action
a. New grade of “IP” approved
b. Undergraduate Catalog copy for Incomplete Grade Policy approved
c. Accepted the Standing Committee Annual reports from:
Academic Affairs, Court of Academic Appeals, Faculty Support, General Education, Honors, Scholarship and Student Aid, Undergraduate Research and University Admissions & Exceptions Advisory

I. Call to Order

President Steven Skinner called the meeting to order at 3:30pm

II. Informal Statements and Proposals - None

III. Approval of the Minutes
The minutes of the April 9, 2012, meeting of the Faculty Senate were approved.

IV. President’s Report
1. Announcements
a. The last Faculty Senate meeting of the year will take place in two weeks, May 7. That will also be the election meeting for the incoming Faculty Senate.
b. Shocker Pride Celebration is April 25, 3pm in Miller Concert Hall.
c. The Faculty Awards Ceremony and General Faculty Meeting have been scheduled for May 4, beginning at 2:30 pm in 211 Hubbard Hall. President Skinner urged all senators to attend.
2. Presidential Search. President Skinner expressed his appreciation to all senators who participated in the presidential search activities. He announced that the new president will be named and introduced at a press conference at 10:30am Friday, April 27.
3. President Skinner announced that he and president-elect Ross had been developing an idea for a retirement gift for Dr. Beggs. Their idea was a plaque with a nicely worded proclamation that conveyed our appreciation to Dr. Beggs for his service to the university. The Senate voted to support the project.
4. President Skinner reminded all the chairs of all Senate Committees to submit their annual reports to Bobbi Dreiling as soon as possible.

V. Committee Reports
Senator Klunder moved to accept the annual reports from the following standing committees: Academic Affairs, Faculty Support, General Education, Honors, Scholarship and Student Aid, Undergraduate Research, University Admissions and Exceptions Advisory. Senator Hull seconded the motion. The motion carried with no dissent.

VI. Old Business
Senator Celestin, chair of the Academic Affairs committee, presented the committee’s recommendation for new Undergraduate Catalog copy regarding the University’s Incomplete Grade Policy. The two principal changes to the policy were the following:
a. An incomplete grade would revert to an F, or a default grade entered by the instructor of record, if the conditions of the incomplete have not been satisfied within a year after the last day of the class.
b. Define a new grade, IP, for “in progress” for classes that extend over several semesters (like thesis, dissertation, and capstone senior projects).
A straw vote was taken and these two recommended changes were approved by a show-of-hands of 19 to 4. Senator Ross moved to implement the policy this summer. Senator Lewis seconded and the motion carried with no opposition. President Skinner agreed to send a recommendation to the Graduate Council for the adoption of the IP grade for thesis and dissertation courses, and for an Incomplete Grade policy for graduate courses that is identical to that for undergraduate courses. He would then request for them to forward their recommendation to the Faculty Senate for approval.

VII. New Business -- None

VIII. As May Arise -- None

IX. Adjournment
The meeting of the Faculty Senate was adjourned at 4:30pm.
Submitted by Walter Horn
Secretary of the Faculty Senate