Faculty Senate Minutes

Monday, May 9, 2016

Clinton Hall 126, 3:30PM

Senators Present: ** No Attendance taken

Senators Absent:

Summary of Actions:
1. Accepted Annual Reports from General Education Report, Faculty Affairs, Scholarship & Student Aid and Tenure & Promotion
2. Accepted appointment of Peer Moore-Jansen as At-Large Member to the Tenure and Promotion Committee.
3. Accepted UniScope Tenure and Promotion Model

I. Call to Order – Meeting called to order at 3:31PM by President Moore-Jansen

II. Informal Statements and Proposals – Recognition of Dr. Jeri Carroll (Curriculum and Instruction) who served the university in many capacities on committees and special boards. Faculty Senate President 2000-2001; President’s Medal for Distinguished Service - 2016, recognition of Dr. Carroll will take place May 11, 2016 at the Marcus Welcome Center – Room 104 3:00-5:00

III. Approval of Minutes
a. Minutes of the April 25, 2016 meeting were accepted as presented

IV. President’s Report – President Moore-Jansen summarized a complicated year with a number of issues, large and small. The issues summarized included:
a. approval of a first year seminar – General Education Committee will continue to oversee the process;
b. accepted revision to the University Admissions and Exceptions Committee admission exception policy allowing the Admissions Office to handle some exceptions with the UAEC monitoring the process;
c. faculty salaries - addressed through a formal letter from the Planning and Budget Committee and President Moore-Jansen hoped the faculty senate would readdress faculty salaries next year;
d. weapons policy development and the need for faculty to be engaged in the discussion; President Moore-Jansen is trying to organize faculty over the summer who are interested in discussing this issue;
e. potential merger between WSU and WATC – additional committees are being formed to include more faculty in the discussion, issues related to new personnel on campus and courses are not settled and President Moore-Jansen encouraged everyone to take an active role in participating in the discussion(s);
f. presentations were made by Pat Hanrahan (United Way Campaign), David Moses (University Council), Dr. Elizabeth King (Foundation President and CEO), Gina Crabtree (Registrar) and Dr. David Wright (Associate Vice President for Academic Data Systems and Chief Data Officer);
g. three resolutions came to the senate from SGA, President Moore-Jansen responded to one resolution stating that based on the senate discussion there was not sufficient evidence or data behind the SGA resolution to take action on it. Further action on the two remaining resolutions was delayed until September; and
h. the current proposed action on the UniScope Model.

President Moore-Jansen stated that budget issues will continue into next year and as the semester closes the faculty senate has accomplished a great deal, but it is discouraging to see “we are back to square one”. Senate members were encouraged to keep their energy up, to engage in their leadership roles and to communicate with the faculty they represent. President Moore-Jansen made a special note to thank Senator Pulaski, UAEC Chair Rachel Crane, and Senator Chris Brooks.

V. Committee Reports
a. Planning and Budget Committee – see item “c” in President’s Report
b. Standing Committee Annual Reports
i. General Education - report was submitted. Senate voted to accept the report as presented
ii. Rules Committee - Senator Yildirim noted that the revised Constitution was voted on and approved by the General Faculty at the General Faculty Meeting on May 6, 2016.
1. President Moore-Jansen was accepted as At-Large Member to the Tenure and Promotion Committee.

VI. Old Business
a. Proposed Tenure & Promotion Model (2nd Reading) Senator Barut brought forward the resolution related to the UniScope Model of Scholarship. A lively discussion took place regarding the proposed model. The discussion addressed the following issues and concerns:
i. Faculty currently on tenure-track - this framework is so general it does not eliminate the current practice it builds on top of current practice. It takes scholarship activities and adds dimensions to them.
ii. Culture change – the model promotes culture change, with a broader range of scholarship and doing different types of activities.
iii. Details - The model provides a framework and each college will identify the details and fill in the blanks. Colleges have to decide on their own what examples of the criteria are but this model will provide a unified framework across the university.
iv. Upper administration – supportive of this change.
v. LAS and Fine Arts Faculty – President Moore-Jansen as well as the Fine Arts faculty were concerned about the number of faculty who were unaware of the proposed change.
vi. Librarianship – the Library faculty were concerned about the guidelines. A friendly amendment was made to add Librarianship to the model – Teaching/Librarianship.
vii. There was concern from some that the model would allow faculty to only do scholarship of service and still receive tenure.
viii. There was a question related to faculty activity reports (FAR) and T&P documents and whether forms would change. The model does not change anything in the T&P process.
ix. Colleges review their T&P policies on a three year rotation - this will not change.
x. Motion made by Senator Hull and seconded by Senator Yildirim to accept the resolution as proposed. Resolution accepted, one opposed.

VII. As May Arise – Dr. Jay Price presented information on the Tenure Ad Hoc Committee
a. Dr. Price discussed House Bill 2531 – which had the potential to impact tenure for community college faculty. The bill died in committee this legislative year and cannot be reinstated; however, a Tenure Ad Hoc Committee has been formed to discuss this issue.
b. Dr. Price invited individuals interested to be part of a conversation and noted the need to be proactive regarding this issue and not reactive.
c. Senator Celestin commended President Moore-Jansen on his good work this year.
d. Senators Barut, Walker and Ross were recognized for their contributions to the Faculty Senate Executive Committee.

VIII. Adjournment – at 4:31PM