Minutes of the Wichita State University Faculty Senate
Monday, September 10, 2012
CH 126 3:30 pm

Members Present: Alexander, Barut, Bergman, Besthorn, Brooks, Bryant, Celestin, Close, Decker, DeSilva, Hamdeh, Horn, Hull, Jacobs, K. Johnson, Kagdi, Klunder, Lewis, Liu, Lu, Matveyeva, Miller, Moore0Jansen, Mosack, Pulaski, Rillema, Rokosz, Ross, Skinner, M.Smith, Solomey, Toops, Yeager, Yildirim
Members Absent: Anderson, Driessen, Mukeerjee, Oare
Members Excused: Kreinath
Summary of Action:
1. Accepted appointments to Faculty Senate Standing Committees (see V. Committee Reports)
2. Endorsed the HLC – QI improvement Graduation Project

I. Call to Order
President Bob Ross called the meeting to order at 3:30pm

II. Informal Statements and Proposals - None

III. Approval of the Minutes
The minutes of the final meeting of the 2011-12 Faculty Senate, May 7, 2012 (http://webs.wichita.edu/?u=facultysenate&p=/m5712 /) were approved.
Likewise, the minutes of the Election meeting of the 2012-13 Faculty Senate, May 7, 2012 (http://webs.wichita.edu/?u=facultysenate&p=/Melection1213 /) were also approved.

IV. President’s Report
President Bob Ross welcomed all of the new senators to the 2012-13 Faculty Senate. In an attempt to form lines of communication within the Senate President Ross introduced everyone in attendance. This included: Acting Provost Keith Pickus, Associate Provost Rick Muma and the other members of the Senate Executive Committee (Skinner, Moore-Jansen, Klunder, Lewis, Barut, Mosack, Horn) and the Faculty Senate Administrative Assistant, Bobbi Dreiling. Each of the members of the Senate was introduced by the University Division they represent.
President Ross then shared his goals for the year.
Senate Goals for 2012-2013
ÔÇß Increase the visibility and awareness of the Senate on campus
ÔÇß Continue to be known as the Voice of the Faculty in dealing with internal and external constituencies
ÔÇß Amplify the importance of shared governance at Wichita State
ÔÇß Bring University policies related to faculty up to date
ÔÇß Continue to foster an environment of “consult and consent” regarding policies that relate to faculty
ÔÇß Assist in the development and execution of the University’s strategic planning process.
President Ross then discussed the following activities that he had taken part in over the summer on behalf of the Faculty Senate:
ÔÇß With input from the Senate Executive Committee, appointed faculty members to the Strategic Planning Steering Committee. There are 10 faculty members on the steering committee, including Cindy Claycomb who is co-chair and Ross, as President of the Senate. There are approximately 26 members on the committee with 12 of them coming from the University.
ÔÇß Maintained an active schedule of grievance related interactions.
ÔÇß Steve Skinner and Bob Ross provided counsel and advice to President Bardo on various occasions since his appointment. He is very interested in maintaining a collegial and involved relationship with faculty and the Senate.

V. Committee Reports
A. Victoria Mosack, Chair of the Rules Committee, brought forward the following nominees from the Rules committee to fill vacancies in the 2012-13 Senate:
Ken Miller representing Liberal Arts & Sciences (Math/Natural Sciences)
Kelly Anderson representing Health Professions, Health Sciences
The Senate voted to accept both nominees with no dissent.
Senate vacancies remain in the following: Business (Marketing), Fine Arts (Music),
Senator Mosack then nominated the following faculty members to fill vacancies on the 2012-13 Faculty
The Senate voted to approve all of the nominations.

Academic Affairs Education Dan Krutha
Health Professions Phyllis Jacobs
Court of Academic Appeals Rajiv Bagai - full
Ray Hull - alternate
Faculty Affairs Business John Perry
Faculty Support Fine Arts Royce Smith
General Education Health Professions Lynn Goldberg
Honors LAS Math/Natural Sci Holger Meyer
Library Business Atul Rai
LAS Social Sci Michael Hall
Rules LAS Math/Natural Sci Dharam Chopra
LAS Social Sci Carolyn Shaw
Scholarship & Student Aid Health Professions Doug Parham
Undergraduate Research LAS Social Sci Kyoung Lee
University Admissions Engineering Ramazan Asmatulu
Health Professions Lynn Goldberg
LAS Social Sci Sam Yeager

The following vacancies remain on the Senate standing committees.

Academic Affairs Fine Arts
LAS Humanities
Faculty Affairs Education
Fine Arts
University Libraries
LAS Social Sciences
Faculty Support LAS Humanities
LAS Math/Natural Sciences
General Education LAS Humanities
Universty Libraries
Honors Education
LAS Social Sciences
Rules LAS Humanities
Scholarship & Student Aid Education
LAS Humanities
Undergraduate Research Engineering
LAS Math/Natural Sci
University Libraries
LAS Humanities
University Admissions LAS Math/Natur
Fine Arts
LAS Humanities
Planning & Budget Education

VI. Old Business – none

VII. New Business

President Ross announced that Rick Muma, Associate Provost, would be presenting three documents to the Senate during the next few Senate meetings. Even though these documents do not require Senate approval, they will be presented for informational purposes and the Office of Academic Affairs and Research welcomes feedback from the senate. The first document to be presented at today’s meeting is the HLC – Quality Improvement Proposal that has been prepared by the WSU HLC Workingroup chaired by Rick Muma. Essentially the QI project is an extension of the University’s Graduation Partnership, a strategy involving faculty, staff, and students to improve overall student success. This was a plan of action that was initiated in academic year 2008-09 and continuously modified since.
The proposal has been shared with the HLC Steering Committee, several constituent groups, and posted at http://webs.wichita.edu/?u=wsuhlc&p=/PerformanceAgreements/quality_initiative/
Senator Hull moved that the proposal be approved in concept by the Faculty Senate. The motion was seconded by Senators Lewis and Celestin. The motion passed with no dissent.

VIII. As May Arise
A Interim Provost Keith Pickus announced some administrative changes that have occurred over the summer. Dave McDonald stepped down from his position as Associate Provost of Research and Dean of the Graduate School to return to the faculty of the Department of Biology. John Tomblin, Executive Director of NIAR, has agreed to accept the position of Interim Associate Provost of Research and Abu Masud, Associate Dean of the Graduate School, agreed to accept the position of Interim Dean of the Graduate School.
Kimberly Engber, Associate Professor English, has accepted the appointment of Director of the Emory Lindquist Honors Program. President Bardo has indicated that he is very interested in enhancing the Honors Program and would consider the possibility of an Honors College in the future.
Jean Griffith, Associate Professor of English, has been appointed as the new Tilford Coordinator for Wichita State. In this position she will be the chair of the Tilford Commission that has a central focus of promoting diversity on the campus. This position has returned to the Office of Academic Affairs and Research after a short duration in the Office of Campus Life and University Relations.

B Preident Ross informed the Senate that he planned to invite representatives (Deans or their representative) from each of the Colleges on campus to update the Senate on the current activities within the college. He also reminded the Senate of the Senate’s Welcome Gathering scheduled for Wednesday, September 12, at 3:30pm in 211 Hubbard Hall, and encouraged all senators to attend.

IX. Adjournment
The meeting of the Faculty Senate was adjourned at 4:35pm.
Submitted by Walter Horn
Secretary of the Faculty Senate