Minutes of the Wichita State University Faculty Senate

Monday, September 23, 2013
CH 126 3:30 pm

Accepted 11/11/13 as revised -- see Old Business

Members Present: Baker, Barut, Bergman, Brooks, Bryant, Castro, Celestin, Close, Decker, Driessen, Handeh, Hanawalt, Horn, Hull, Klunder, Lewis, Matveyeva, Miller, Mosack, Oare, Rillema, Rokosz, Ross, Taher, Yildirim, Yu

Members Absent: Alexander, Anderson, Kagdi, Kreinath, Liu, Lu, Markova, Moore-Jansen, Trechak

Members Excused: Houseman, Johnson, Yeager

Summary of Action
1. Accepted Committee appointments to Faculty Senate Standing Committees (see Committee Reports, Rules)
2. Accepted new Senators (see Committee Reports , Rules)

I. Call to Order
President Victoria Mosack called the meeting to order at 3:30pm

II. Informal Statements and Proposals – President Mosack welcomed all senators, especially the newly elected senators, back for the new academic year and the work of the 2013-14 Senate. She also welcomed Tony Vizzini, Vice President of Academic Affairs, to his first meeting of the Wichita state Faculty Senate.

III. Approval of the Minutes
The minutes of the final meeting of the 2012-13 Faculty Senate, May 13, 2013 were approved.
The minutes of the Election meeting of the 2013-14 Faculty Senate, May 13, 2013 were also approved.

IV. President’s Report
President Mosack shared some information and insights into some of the early initiatives of the Faculty Senate:
• The Faculty Senate website continues to be updated and expanded. It currently contains such items as calendar events, agendas and minutes of Faculty Senate meetings and Faculty Senate committee meetings. All senators are encouraged to check it out.
• A Mini Open House has been scheduled for the Rhatigan Student Center for next week.
• KBOR representatives will visit the campus October 7. They will be meeting with several constituent groups including representatives from the Faculty Senate. The President’s office will provide further details of the visit later.
• Likewise, representatives of the Kansas Legislature will visit the campus October 23.
• VPAA Tony Vizzini will be the featured speaker at the AAUP meeting at 3:00 pm, Friday, September 27.
• President Mosack restated the goals of the Senate established last year: be the voice of the faculty, increase the visibility of the Senate, accept the responsibilities of share governance, provide consultation and consent of University policies, and be active participants in strategic planning.
• President Mosack summarized the major campus initiatives put forward by President Bardo: creation of a “one stop” student service center, establish a parking management strategy, new residence hall to be completed August 2014, Perimeter road to be relocated and an open-air mall to be created, and an expansion of space for both engineering and business.

V. Committee Reports
Mehmet Barut, Chair of the Rules Committee, brought forward the following nominees from the Rules committee to fill vacancies on the Senate Standing Committees:

Academic Affairs Rodney Boehme Business -- 2016
Janet Twomey Engineering -- 2016
Ho Lop-Hing LAS Math/Natural Sciences -- 2016
Faculty Affairs Prakash Ramanan Engineering -- 2016
Jens Kreinath LAS Social Sciences -- 2016
General Education Chris Broberg Business -- 2014
Janice Ewing Education -- 2016
Faculty Support Viktor Isakov LAS Math/Natural Sciences -- 2014
Susan Parsons Health Professions -- 2016
Sara Taylor LAS Social Sciences -- 2016
Mehmet Yildirim Engineering -- 2016
Library Ngoyi Bukonda Health Professions -- 2016
Triuvadi Ravigururajan Engineering -- 2016
Court of Academic Appeals Kirsten Johnson-- alt Fine Arts -- 2016
Laura Zellers -- alt Business -- 2016
Noel Birondo -- full LAS Humanities -- 2016
Honors Jeremy Patterson Education -- 2015
Roy Myose Engineering -- 2016
Anthony DiLollo Health Professions -- 2016
Rules Atul Rai Business -- 2014
Julie Bees Fine Arts -- 2016
Daniel Bergman Education -- 2016
Kathy Strattman Health Professions -- 2016
Scholarship & Student Aid Semih Tartaroglu Business -- 2016
Selim Giray Fine Arts -- 2016
Li Yao LAS Math/Natural Sciences -- 2016
Tenure & Promotion Susan Sterrett - at large 2015
Undergraduate Research Ramazan Asmatulu Engineering -- 2016
Kay Gibson Education -- 2016
J J Pionke University Libraries -- 2016
University Exceptions Rachel Crane University Libraries -- 2016
John Perry Business -- 2016

The Senate voted to accept these nominees with no dissent. Vacancies still remain on the following Standing Committees:

Academic Affairs Health Professions
Faculty Affairs LAS Humanities
General Education Fine Arts
LAS Math/Natural Sciences
Library Education
LAS Math/Natural Sciences
:Undergraduate Research LAS Math/Natural Sciences
LAS Humanities
University Exceptions Education

Senator Barut presented the following to fill vacancies on the Faculty Senate:

Gergana Markova Business Management 2015
Michael Hanawalt Fine Arts At-Large 2015
Debra Pile Health Professions Nursing 2014
Kellie Thiessen Health Professions Nursing 2015

All were accepted.
Senator Barut noted that there are still four Senate vacancies:
2 in LAS Humanities, 1 in LAS Social Sciences and 1 in Business, Marketing

VI. Old Business –
A. Post Tenure Review Policy: The Policy developed by the Faculty Affairs Committee and approved by the Senate last spring was reviewed by VPAA Vizzini and forwarded to the President for his acceptance. He returned the document to President Mosack with suggested modifications. President Mosack and Senator Bob Ross revised the policy to accommodate the suggestions; returned it to the VPAA, who reviewed, concurred and forwarded the revised version to General Counsel Ayres for his approval before be sent to the President for his approval.
B. Policies and Procedures 5.06 – Resolution of Internal Disputes
has been reviewed by VPAA Vizzini and as is stated in KBOR Policy has been sent to the University Attorney for review-- “A copy of all institutional grievance procedures shall be provided to the institution’s
general counsel for review prior to becoming effective.

C. Policy on Application of Credit Hours to Multiple Degrees – was returned to the Academic Affairs committee

VII. New Business
Vice President Vizzini reported on the current progress toward an Honors College. As of September 23, 2013, the proposal for an honors college has been presented to the KBOR which approved the proposal. The plan calls for the college to officially start in the fall of 2014. The money allocated for the Dean’s Scholars program will be re-directed to the new college. The Honors Committee will host an open house October 19 and a rendering of the new college will be unveiled at that time
Vice President Vizzini thanked the faculty for supporting President Bardo’s strategic planning retreat detailing the Phase II plans for the strategic planning exercise. More than 300 people attended the meeting.
Vice President Vizzini announced some of the plans associated with Wichita State’s move toward an “One Stop” policy. The intent is to be more attuned to the needs of the adult learners in the community by adjusting the normal hours of the university in order to provide some services in the 5pm to 7pm period of each work day. He encouraged all senators to provide him with suggestions for improvements of the system.

VIII. As May Arise
The next meeting of the Faculty Senate will be Oct 28, 2013.

IX. Adjournment
The meeting of the Faculty Senate was adjourned at 4:09pm.
Submitted by Walter Horn
Secretary of the Faculty Senate