Faculty Senate Minutes - Monday, September 28, 2015

CH 126 3:30 PM-5:00 PM

Senators Present: Ahmed,Asaduzzman, Barut, Bergman, Brooks, Castro, Chand, Chopra, Close, Cramer, Decker, Dehner, Ewing, Huckstadt, Hull, Hunsicker, Jin, Johnson, Moore-Jansen, Mosack, Myose, Palmer, Rillema, Ross, Shaw, Walker, Woods, Yao, Yeager, Yildirim

Senators Absent: Adler, Babnich, Bryantk, Chang, Deibel, Hughes, Lu, Muthiachareon, Shukaev, Solomey

Senators Excused:Celestink, Rokosz

Summary of Action:
1. Accepted appointments of Jeremy Patterson (Education) and Gerald Scholl (Fine Arts) to the Faculty Support Committee

I. Call to order – Meeting called to order at 3:30 by President Peer Moore-Jansen

II. Informal Statements and Proposals - None

III. Approval of the Minutes
a. Minutes of the meeting on September 14, 2015 were accepted as presented

IV. Updates
a. Dr. Jay Price
– Reported on the passing of Senator Klunder. A recognition ceremony will be held for Senator Klunder on Saturday, October 3rd, at 10:00AM at the Broadway Mortuary. Donations can be made to the American Red Cross Blood Donation.

President Moore-Jansen spoke about Senator Klunder’s contributions to the faculty senate and the university. Senators Brooks and Ross marked Senator Klunder’s absence from the meeting with a red rose. The faculty senate honored Senator Klunder with a moment of silence. Following the moment of silence, senators were asked to give a round of applause for senator Klunder for the “man he was and the senator he was.”

b. President Moore-Jansen asked Senator Mosack to provide an update on the WATC-WSU partnership. Senator Mosack has been asked by President Bardo to head an Advisory Committee to examine the feasibility of the partnership for WSU and WATC. Senator Mosack stated she would like to bring something to the faculty senate by March or mid-April. General questions and discussion focused on the role of HLC, the faculty’s role in financial consideration discussions, the opportunity for faculty to vote and the reason(s) behind the proposed partnership.

c. President Moore-Jansen reminded faculty of the upcoming nominations for the Academy of Effective Teaching. Senators were asked to urge all eligible students to vote for their outstanding faculty member.

V. President’s Report
President Moore-Jansen attended the KBOR meeting on September 16, 2015. The following topics/issues/concerns were discussed:

a. WSU Tuition Proposal – WSU students from the Tulsa and Oklahoma city areas would receive in state tuition
b. Chemical and Materials Engineering – a proposal to allow the WSU engineering college to develop a funding proposal with an emphasis on chemical and materials engineering (funding is not for developing a department)
c. Post Tenure Review - discussion focused on sharing the WSU guidelines - 5.14 P & P, as not all institutions currently have guidelines
d. Merit Raises – discussion focused on how merit is awarded
e. Faculty outreach – discussion related to faculty visiting communities in order to better understand where students come from and how to support them in class
f. Weapon Safety and Classroom Climate – effective July 1, 2017, students can carry concealed weapons on campus. This topic generated a great deal of discussion among the members of the faculty senate. President Moore-Jansen stated the discussion needs to continue, the topic will be discussed at the next executive committee meeting and all senators were encouraged to engage colleagues in the discussion.

VI. Committee Reports
a. Rules Committee – Senator Bayram Yildirim, Chair, submitted two nominations for accepteance -- to the Faculty Support Committee members Jeremy Patterson (College of Education) and Gerald Scholl (School of Music )
b. One vacant seat on the University Exceptions Committee needs to come from Humanities, send nominations to Senator Yildirim

VII. New Business - None
a. President Moore-Jansen recognized and thanked the College Deans in attendance
b. The card senators signed will be delivered to Senator Klunder’s family

VIII. As may arise – None

IX. Adjournment – at 4:25 PM