Exam Grading
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I go about my getting my exams graded?
Simply bring your exams to the SSRL (429 Lindquist Hall) and fill out the Exam Grading Request form. The exams will be scanned and graded within 4 hours if at all possible. We will then call you when the grading has been completed.

What type of scanner forms do I use?
You may use the NCS rust (five response) scanner bubble form.

Do the instructors have to provide the sheets, and if so, where do I get them?
The instructors do indeed have to provide the scanner bubble forms. Bubble forms can be purchased at the SSRL.

What information should I provide the students in filling out their exams?
Students may only use a #2 pencil -no ink pens. Do not have students write in the margins of the sheets. Stray marks can cause the sheets not to be read. Also, students should mark only one answer per question.

How do I prepare the exams for grading?
First, make sure that all exams are facing in the same direction. Please, do not staple, fold, tear, wrinkle or rubber band the scanner sheets. Then simply bring them to the SSRL (429 Lindquist Hall). Then carefully count all the answered exams. Please make note of this number. This number needs to be recorded on the Exam Grading Request Form.

Can I have more than one form for the same exam?
Yes. You may have up to three forms of the same exam. Please note, the items may be arranged differently but the responses can not be. For us to grade this type of an exam, you will need to fill out the key for form A and a Map for the other forms.

Can the items be worth more than one point?
Yes. They will, however, have to be weighed differentially by whole numbers. To do this you will need to fill out a PPRM form and fill in the bubbles for the weight you want for each item. For example, if would like items 1-10 to be worth 2 points you would bubble in the B's on the PPRM from 1-10.

Can an item have more than one answer?
No. Any item marked with more than one answer will be thrown out and will not be counted in the Total Points.

Can I eliminate items from being scored?
Yes. When filling out the key, you would leave the item you want to eliminate blank. In the results, it will show that item as deleted by instructor.

How do I fill out the answer key?
First, use a rust or teal bubble sheet for the key -the same type as the students' form. Then in the name area of the bubble sheet write, "KKEY" (leave a space) then write in your last name. Fill in the appropriate bubbles (make note of the two "K"s in the word key).
EX: KKEY SMITH. Then place the KKEY scanner sheet on top of the students' sheets (all in the same direction) and then give the sheets to us.

Fill in the appropriate answers. there can be only one answer per item. If you notice that there are 2 or more right answers for one question, then either leave the item blank or select one correct answer and then hand grade and correct for the other correct answer. If you wish to eliminate an item leave the item blank on the key.

What is the PPRM sheet?
The PPRM sheet is used if your items are weighted. The weights can only be in whole numbers. Use a rust or teal bubble sheet for the PPRM. In the name area of the bubble sheet write: "PPRM." Fill in the appropriate bubbles. Then in the item area, fill in the weight. For example: If the items are worth 2 pts., then fill in the "B" bubbles for those items and, if the items are worth 3 pts,. then fill in the "C" bubbles for those items.

What is a MAP form?
A MAP form is used when you have multiple forms of the same exam (up to 3 forms; A, B, & C). In other words, students can receive up to three different question arrangements for the same test. Students need to indicate in the Form Box of their bubble sheet which form of the exam they used. Instructors should fill out the KKEY for form A as they would normally. Then fill out the MAP for forms B and C. Instructors are to indicate on the MAP the sequence of items corresponding to Form A. Remember you can only rearrange the item sequence, not the responses to the items.

EX: Item #1 on A is item #15 on B and item #2 on A is item # 16 on B, etc.

What information can I receive?
1) A list of the students' grades by name or ID number, or both
2) A list of the items the students missed by name or ID number, or both
3) A complete item analysis of your exam.

What format will my results be in?
You may have your results printed, sent via email in a text format, or both.

What will the results look like?
Please see Graded Exam Reports.

How and when can I pick up my exams and results?
We will call you when your exam has been graded. You may then come by the office to pick up your exams. You may elect to have your exam mailed by back to you via campus mail. However, we are not responsible if your exam or results would get lost in the mail.

What do some of these terms mean?
Please see Exam Grading Definitions.