What is Exam Grading?

The Social Science Research Lab grades exams for WSU instructors who wish to use bubble sheets as answer sheets for their exams. Differential item weighting and up to three different forms of the exam are supported. Results for each student including the items each student missed, a raw score, a percent score and other statistics are generated for the instructor. Additionally, a complete analysis and overall statistical information about the exam are available for the instructor. You may request your results to be either printed, sent to you via email in a text format, or both.

The students' answers must be on a rust (five response) scanner bubble form. Scanner bubble forms are available through our office at 429 Lindquist Hall. The scanner can not read copied forms. Students must use a pencil. Ink can not be read by the scanner.

Simply bring your exams to the SSRL (429 Lindquist Hall) and fill out an Exam Grading Request Form. The exams will then be scanned and graded within 4 hours. We will then call you or your department when the grading has been completed.