2023 Commencement and Commencement Cruise

Here are several photos from these two events that celebrated the achievement of our graduates from the last year. We hope you enjoy these photos.

  • A student holding their diploma about their head while on stage during commencement.
  • A row of graduates sitting during the commencement ceremony. You can see graduates from a few different colleges by the color of their tassel.
  • A speaker at the podium for the commencement ceremony. Several other administrators are seated behind the speaker. There are several banners hanging behind the seated people.
  • Several graduates facing away from the camera while seated during the commencement ceremony. You can see several decorated caps amongst a sea of standard black caps.
  • A photo taken of the teleprompter at a low angle. A few graduates waiting to receive their diplomas in the bottom right corner.
  • Several band members playing their instruments as they started the commencement ceremony with Wichita State University's fight song.
  • Several participants of the Commencement Cruise standing beside their vehicle before the start of the Cruise.
  • Several people standing beside their decorated golf cart before the cruise started.
  • A decorated golf cart in the cruise.
  • The back of one of the vehicles in the cruise. There is a saying on the back windshield along with some balloons and draped cloth.
  • Several people walking within the cruise.
  • A person posing beside a vehicle after the cruise was over.