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A photo of the Wiedemann Hall pipe organ, the Marcussen organ

From the Dean's Desk

Hello Everyone!

Fall is my favorite time of the year. For those of us in education, it signifies a new year, a new beginning with new possibilities. That is certainly true for the College of Fine Arts. As we gear up for a full year, one that (hopefully) will not be limited by pandemic protocols, we are excited to return to what we do best – the hands on teaching, training and mentoring of our students and the public presentation of that training in the form of performances, presentations and exhibitions that can be enjoyed by the general public. To that end, we say, “Welcome to the Arts! We are open for business!”

-Dean Rodney Miller

'22 - '23 College of Fine Arts

Online Calendar is Available Now!

The College of Fine Arts has launched our online calendar allowing patrons to quickly stay up-to-date on all we having going on throughout the college. It brings us great joy to be able to once again connect through our love of music and the arts by providing timely and accurate information to help you plan ahead for events you might be interested in attending. Get ready for a fun year full of exciting musical and artistic displays featuring the best that Wichita State University has to offer.


We invite the public to participate in any or all of the events we have planned for the coming school year. The CFA Online Calendar of Events is updated daily to quickly reflect any changes or cancellations of planned events. Each event on the calendar has information detailing what the event is about, where the event is being held and, if applicable, a link to the Fine Arts Box Office to purchase tickets.

Stay up to date on the latest College of Fine Arts events!

November 2022 Newsletter



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Text the number 52014 with ‘@shockers’ followed by the fund hashtag and the amount you are donating.

Example text:
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3. Follow the link to submit your payment information

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Your donation will go directly to the WSU Foundation, in the fund of your choosing. Donations may also be made through the Foundation website:



Upcoming Events


Join the College of Fine Arts and Clive Driskill-Smith as part of the Rie Bloomfield Organ Series

Join us on November 8th in welcoming the internationally renowned Clive Driskill-Smith as part of the Rie Bloomfield Organ series. Clive Driskill-Smith has been delighting audiences across the globe from Beijing to Budapest to Boston with his virtuosity and remarkable technique. Mr. Driskill-Smith is the Organist and Choirmaster at All Saints’ Episcopal Church in Fort Worth, Texas. This performance is not one to miss!

Grab your tickets here:
A photo of a pipe organ. A very close up view of the organ full of the different pipes.


A promotional advertisment for the opera, Susannah. This performance is being brought to you by Wichita State University's Opera Theatre and Wichita Grand Opera.

In a collaboration, Wichita State University and Wichita Grand Opera are presenting two showings of Susannah at Miller Concert Hall. Young, pretty, and innocent, Susannah is a target for the vicious gossip of the women and the desires of the church elders. The two showings are on Friday, November 11th and Sunday, November 13th. Look for this event on our online calendar for more information about these showings.

College of Fine Arts Online Calendar

a photo of Roxy's Downtown in Wichita. The exterior of the building has a neon sign for Roxy's, a large bold "A CABARET" sign with large white letters, and a simple, gray awning.

Get off campus and explore what Wichita has to offer!

WSU’s student jazz ensembles will be performing at Roxy’s Downtown from Nov. 15th – 17th! Each day displays a new performance with different instruments and lineups. Saxophone ensembles playing selections of the Great American Songbook, guitar ensembles that mix jazz, funk, and rock, and traditional large jazz ensembles presenting a variety of classical and contemporary literature are just some of what to expect from these performances. Look online at the calendar for more specific information about these events.

Find more specific information about these events on Roxy's ticket page:

Stupid F##king Bird presented by the School of Performing Arts

The School of Performing Arts is presenting to us a comedic spin of Checkov’s The Seagull, in Stupid F##king Bird. In this R-rated play, you follow Con, an aspiring director, as they strike out against art created by his mother’s generation. A young actress contends for the attention of a renowned novelist with an aging Hollywood star. Find what it means to make art in this battle of the young and old, past and present.

Celebrating Our Successes