Performance Facilities Student Employment

Thank you for your interest in student employment with Performance Facilities.

It is very important that you read the following information prior to completing the Application for Employment and Student Semester Class Schedule and Conflicts forms.

NOTE: Currently, all of our positions are for immediate hire, therefore we must require that all applicants have a Social Security card.

About Our Department

Performance Facilities is a support division within the College of Fine Arts. The department’s primary responsibilities are to the College, most of which is with the School of Music with additional responsibilities through the campus community. Performance Facilities is responsible for all events occurring in Miller Concert Hall and Wiedemann Recital Hall. There is also technical support for the Metropolitan Complex, Wilner Auditorium, Campus Activities Center Theatre, commencement ceremonies and various press conferences and other University events. There are occasions that services will be provided at any number of on-campus and off-campus locations. In all, the department provides staffing and support for over 1500 events within the course of a year, with a majority of these occurring during the Fall and Spring semesters.

This is an extremely important aspect of the position that needs to be understood completely before continuing with the application process: Student positions within Performance Facilities have no guarantee of consistent weekly work hours. Work schedules are based upon events occurring for that particular week and therefore the individual work hours and individual number of hours for work each week can vary greatly. There may be weeks with as few as no scheduled hours to those weeks in which the scheduled hours may be as great as the maximum number allowed by University policy.

A student employee position within the Performance Facilities department might benefit you if you:

  • Are seeking extra income/spending money.
  • Have a flexible schedule.
  • Are available mostly in the evenings and on weekends.
  • Are seeking specific skills and learning opportunities pertaining to the positions within our department.

Positions Within Our Department

The proceeding descriptions do not fully detail possible job responsibilities but are meant as a general reference. Experience in any of these areas, or even general arts related experience is preferable, but not mandatory. Employees are provided with on the job training for any area in which they may have interest or are qualified. Performance Facilities accepts employment applications from both work study and regular WSU students.

  • Stage Management
Assisting with all aspects of needs for the stage from completing and changing setups to coordinating with performers and all event staff to assure a smooth and timely event.
  • House Management
Assisting with all aspects of needs relating to those patrons who attend events, taking tickets, coordinating with Stage and Box Office Management, assisting patrons to find seating.
  • Lighting & Sound
Provide needed technical support in lighting and sound ranging from setup and operation to routine maintenance.
  • Audio Recording
Services range from providing recordings for any number of performances, meetings or other events to design printing and duplication of recorded projects.
  • Fine Arts Box Office
Providing support for all College events for which there is admission. Services range from taking patron orders, printing and distributing tickets to handling money and assisting with various office duties.


NOTE: Currently, all of our positions are for immediate hire, therefore we must require that all applicants have a Social Security card.



  • Currently enrolled as a student at WSU.
  • Experience in preferred area of employment.
  • Ability to work with a diverse public and relate positively with others including faculty, staff and students at all levels.
  • Familiarity of the Fine Arts and/or WSU.
  • Capacity to follow instructions.
  • Proven ability to work within a fast-paced work environment including excellent time management and organizational skills with a high attention to detail.
  • Effective communication skills.
  • Flexible schedule. Some daytime work is assigned, however, the most help will be during evenings and weekends.

How to Apply:

  1. Read about Performance Facilities Student Employment. A PDF of this form can be found here for your convenience.
  2. Complete the Application for Employment and follow directions carefully. You may attach a resume, however, each applicant is required to complete (in detail) an Application for Employment.
  3. Indicate times unavailable for work on the Student Semester Class Schedule & Conflicts Form. Indicate times for class and other recurring conflicts by marking out time of conflicts only. Label each conflict as class, personal, other job, etc.
  4. Submit the completed Application for Employment and Student Semester Class Conflict Form to or the Fine Arts Box Office Ticket Window during regular Box Office Hours.

IF YOU ARE SELECTED FOR AN INTERVIEW, YOU WILL BE CONTACTED. Please do not call or stop by our office to check on the status of your application as it will delay the process.

Again, thank you for your interest in Performance Facilities! Best wishes in your work search!

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