Plan of study forms

Plan of Study - Master's, Specialist, Certificate (pdf) Plan of Study - Doctoral (pdf)

Master's, certificate and specialist students

To officially define a program of study for a graduate degree, master's and specialist students must submit the Plan of Study Form leading to admission to candidacy. The proposed plan identifying the program major code and completion option must be on file in the Graduate School office no later than the 20th day of the fall or spring semester, or the 10th day of the eight-week summer term, during the semester of graduation. Individual program area deadlines for submitting the Plan of Study may be earlier.

Doctoral students

For doctoral students, it is important that the Plan of Study be submitted as soon as possible but no later than the end of the semester in which the qualifying examinations are completed. Programs offering doctoral degrees use program specific Plan of Study forms.

Additional information

The Plan of Study is developed in conjunction with the advisor and signed by the student, the advisor or advisory committee members (if applicable), the chair or Graduate Coordinator of the major department, and the dean of the Graduate School. All students must meet the program requirements in effect at the time the Plan of Study is officially approved.

All academic work and exit exams completed or planned must be included in the proposed Plan of Study at the time of its submission. The process of filing an acceptable Plan of Study is not complete until the student has received the approved Detail Requirement Sheet from the Graduate School. If the Detail Requirement Sheet has not been received approximately three weeks following the submission of the proposed Plan of Study, students should check with the Graduate School office.

Students may make changes to the Detail Requirement Sheet by submitting revisions on the Plan of Study form. Only the necessary revisions should be identified on the form. More extensive changes may be accomplished by filing a new Plan of Study form marked Revised Plan.

Failure to meet the deadline for filing an acceptable Plan of Study may result in a delay in graduation or the loss of credit planned for use in the program.

Transfer credit

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